2006 Ford Reflex Concept

While the headlights of the Ford Reflex concept are straight out of a 1980s sci-fi flick, everything else about the car is modern and innovative. Twenty-inch chrome dubs look massive under the small, sleek body and the reverse butterfly doors are original and sexy.

Inside a cabin void of traditional wood and leather, a plastic-slathered 2+1 configuration follows a 3-passenger trend that has been common over the past year in concepts from Toyota to Renault. With the flip of a switch, the Reflex becomes a 2+2, sacrificing luggage space for people space. At night, the Reflex cabin is flooded with the glow of two headrest-mounted TVs and futuristic LED instrument lighting.

An ecologically cool feature is insulation made from recycled Nike shoes, giving the Reflex a direct connection to the running shoe it borrows its shape from. The hybrid diesel propulsion system incorporating head- and taillight mounted solar panels sounds pretty space-age, and Ford claims that the Reflex would achieve 65 mpg if it were produced. But we wonder how Ford would know–the concept has no powertrain at all. Like Volkswagen‘s recent EcoRacer concept, the Reflex points toward a future full of fun, light vehicles capable of pleasing the driver and the planet at the same time–a trend we can definitely get used to. Now Ford has only to make this conceptual future the production present.

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