2005 Maybach Excelero Concept For Sale

If, after three years, you’re still miffed that Maybach never pushed the baroque Excelero super-coupe into production, here’s a glimpse of salvation: the same concept is now up for grabs.

Commissioned by Fulda, an Italian tire manufacturer, the Excelero was constructed atop the chassis and running gear of a Maybach 57.; Perhaps equally as bizarre as the styling was Fulda’s rationale for the car: to test a new range of high-speed tires.

In spite of its 2.6-ton curb weight and questionable aerodynamics, the Excelero could hit 62 mph in 4.4 seconds and a top speed 218 mph.; A modified form of Maybach’s V-12, bored out to 5.9-liters and producing 700 hp and 753 lb-ft of torque, helped move the massive coupe to such extraordinary speeds.

If you can’t stomach the fuel costs associated with such a powerful (and heavy) car, don’t even look at the Excelero’s price tag.; The Austrian sellers want a cool €5,000,000 for the coupe, which converts to almost $7.9 million.

Source: Anamera