2005 Ferrari F430

The new Ferrari F430, with its 4.3-liter 483-hp engine singing behind you, can launch from 0 to 60 in under four seconds. This successor to the 360 Modena elevates “entry-level” Ferrari performance to a whole new echelon, with a glut of Formula 1-derived technology including optional carbon-ceramic brakes and an adjustable dynamic chassis. Controlled by a switch on the steering wheel, the chassis has five settings: icy, wet, sport, race, and CST off, each with varying degrees of damping, shift speed, electronic differential control, and electronic driving aid. Overall weight is up from the Modena, but with the added power and torque from the 4.3-liter V-8, the F430‘s power-to-weight ratio is improved. The strikingly beautiful exterior features two large nostrils up front and a large diffuser out back, improving downforce in combination with the flat underbody. All the new technology adds up to a car that is three seconds faster than the outgoing 360 (and only 2 seconds slower than the Enzo!) around Ferrari’s test circuit at Fiorano.

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2005 Ferrari F430

MSRP $198,667 Base (Manual) Spider


10 City / 16 Hwy

Horse Power:

490 @ 8500


343 @ 5250