2004 Toyota Fine-N Concept Photo Gallery

[cars name="Toyota"] Fine-N concept
Yet another mile marker on the road to our fuel cell future, the Fine-N is an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle, or minivan) version of the Fine-S fuel-cell concept that debuted at the 2003 Detroit show. This 14-foot-long, four-wheel-drive people mover only moves four people, even though its cabin is bigger than that of the Lexus LS430.

Toyota Fine-N concept
Manufacturers continue to explore ways to package fuel cell components. The Fine-N mounts its fuel cell stack, power control unit, and lithium-ion battery beneath the floor to lower the center of gravity and minimize the yaw moment of inertia, for better handling and roadholding.

Toyota Fine-N concept
Toyota claims a cruising distance of more than 300 miles for the Fine-N. The wheels are placed at the far corners of the vehicle. Mounted to the inner side of each wheel is a compact, lightweight, high-efficiency electric motor; each motor’s drive power and braking is individually controlled. With no driveshaft, the wheels are not linked mechanically.

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