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This is it, folks, essentially the next-generation . Expect a world debut in about one and a half years, or mid-2005. The Ibuki is not to design-freeze stage, but this is the definite styling direction of the third-generation Miata. “Ibuki” refers to “weaving new energy” and “adding vigor”-desirable for any endeavor, we’d say, and certainly for one of the most popular sports cars of all time.

Mazda Ibuki concept
The Ibuki is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and utilizes a front-midship layout, like the RX-8, to place all major mechanical components inside the 91.7-inch wheelbase, which is 2.5 inches longer than the current car’s. Compared with the current Miata, the engine is located nearly 16 inches more rearward and 1.6 inches lower. The Ibuki’s “super front-midship” layout allows for substantial weight reductions in the front and rear overhangs, which in turn provides a 15 percent reduction in the yaw inertia moment, as compared with the current Miata, which should further increase the Miata’s tossable driving character.

Mazda Ibuki concept
Extremely short front and rear overhangs, a wide stance, pronounced fenders, and the fishlike open grille mouth are reminiscent of the original Miata design. “The purity of the original design is particularly interesting to us,” says Moray Callum, general manager of Mazda Design Division. Although the Ibuki’s wheelbase is 2.5 inches longer than that of the current Miata, its overall length, at 143.3 inches, is a significant 12.4 inches shorter than the Miata, mainly due to the reduced front and rear overhangs, which together are a full 15 inches shorter.

Mazda Ibuki concept
The Ibuki has a twin backbone body structure, derived from the high-mount backbone body frame in the new RX-8, here comprising an open body frame with extensive reinforcements and a rigid lower backbone frame located beneath the transmission tunnel. It all adds up to extremely high rigidity and body structure stiffness comparable to that of a closed-roof car. The Ibuki’s front and rear tracks are significantly wider than the current Miata’s for improved handling and roadholding. Ibuki, 58.6/58.9 inches front/rear; Miata, 55.7/56.7 inches. Ibuki width, 67.7 inches; Miata width, 66.0 inches. The heights of the two cars are identical, at 48.4 inches.


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