2004 Hyundai OLV Concept Photo Gallery

[cars name="Hyundai"]‘s concept OLV (outdoor life vehicle) is the Korean automaker’s vision of the small SUV. Conceptualized in California and designed in Korea, the end result is a bit unconventional. The short hood, open-air roof, and tiny overhangs recall the 2001 Jeep Icon, while the bizarre horsecollar grille hints at the 1958 Edsel. The OLV’s most clever feature is the multipurpose trunk. A retractable trunk lid allows the OLV to transform into a pickup truck, and when closed the lid keeps cargo safe and dry. Hyundai believes this configuration to be more useful than the cargo covers on sport-utility trucks. The removable glass roof is another inventive feature. Three glass panels open manually to transform the OLV into a convertible.

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