2004 Hyundai NEOS-II Concept Photo Gallery

[cars name="Hyundai"] NEOS-II concept
The NEOS-II is Hyundai’s crossover utility concept. Designed in Japan, this Hyundai wears sparkly black livery with a red pin stripe along the lower body side and red accents on the grille. Twenty-inch wheels are shod with 255/35-series tires. The headlights turn with the steering wheel.

Hyundai NEOS-II concept
Inside, the NEOS-II offers seats for four, although the front seat riders’ comfort is prioritized. A high hip point and a glass roof create a feeling of spaciousness. Access is via conventional front doors and multi-hinged sliding rear doors. There is no B-pillar. At the rear is a two-piece hatch.

Hyundai NEOS-II concept
Hyundai says: “Hyundai has developed a vehicle that reflects the image of the horse, to offer a new style of urban trekking: Imagine yourself in the depths of the night, roaming on horseback through the babel of the city.”

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