2004 Honda Studio E

Though its Element has only been on the market for a month or so, Honda is already thinking—its iconic exterior cladding now matches the bodywork (painted up in modern-primitive stylie), it wears 19-inch wheels, and its innovative clamshell tailgate has become two cargo doors. But the bulk of the changes lie within, where Honda has changed this sensible utilitarian space into a club on wheels. Behind its newly benchified front seat are two jump seats that fold flush into the plastic and aluminum floor. From the ceiling descends a 42-inch Fujitsu plasma TV, backed up by an 800-watt Fujitsu Ten audio system. There’s also a personal computer on board (for on-the-go remixes) and a Sony CD/DVD head unit in the dash. The Studio E packs as much audible punch as it does visual power. Too bad it’s just a concept.

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