2004 Dodge Kahuna

[cars name="Chrysler"]‘s west coast design studio has given the minivan a much-needed rethink with this concept, designed to attract those who could use a minivan but are put off by their suburban nerdiness. To give the Kahuna a dose of surfer cool, the designers used grooved wood sides, a full-length translucent power sunroof, four conventional doors instead of sliders, pillarless side windows that fully retract, twenty-two-inch wheels, and a snubbed-nose look that borrows from last year’s M80 pickup concept. Roughly five inches shorter than a short-wheelbase Caravan, the Kahuna nonetheless uses a long, 122-inch wheelbase, and features six reconfigurable seats. A 2.0-liter turbo four drives the front wheels. Although the short front overhang and the pillarless side glass would be an engineering challenge, we like the idea of a slightly smaller, hipper minivan.

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