Peugeot 407 Elixir Concept

With the 4002 supercar concept, gorgeous 407 Elixir provided a one-two punch on the Peugeot stand&#151and irrefutable proof that France’s automakers are producing the world’s most compelling automotive designs these days. The four-seat 407 Elixir offers look at life after the inevitable demise of the lovely (but aging) Pininfarina-designed 406 coupe. With a bright, spacious passenger compartment (the roof panel is glass and the bucket-style rear seats are identical to the fronts), and a cavernous, hatch-accessed cargo area, the sumptuous Elixir is a unique, two-box take on the traditionally staid, three-box personal luxury coupe. It employs a Tiptronic manu-matic gearbox from Porsche to manage a torque-heavy 2.7-liter six-cylinder diesel engine.