Peugeot 4002 Concept

Outlandish, glamorous, and utterly inspired, Peugeot‘s 4002 supercoupe was, without question, the most fabulous concept at this year’s Frankfurt show. In a show whose “concept cars” often looked as production-ready as their production-car standmates, the 4002 stood as a rare and defiant exception&#151a dream car of the highest order. The winner of Peugeot’s second design competition, which attracted 2800 entries from 90 countries, the retro-futuristic 4002 was drawn within three deceptively simple guidelines: It had to have a clear association with the French marque, it had to recall one of Peugeot’s historic models, and it had to be innovative, creative, and original. The designer, a 32-year-old graphic artist from Germany named Stephan Schulze, took his inspiration from Peugeot’s gorgeous 402 of 1936, and earned a cool 5000 euros for his efforts. C’est magnifique!

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