Antiques Roadshow

The 127 Corridor Sale&#151dubbed the world’s longest yard sale&#151snakes an astonishing 450 miles down Route 127. Vendors stake out their favorite spots from the sale’s starting point in Covington, Kentucky, to its conclusion in Gadsden, Alabama. From a modest beginning in 1987, the August event has grown by leaps and bounds each year, and now ranks as one of the region’s chief annual attractions, luring bargain hunters and vendors from all over the country.

Each of the two Automobile Magazine scavenger hunt teams tackled the mighty 127 Corridor yard sale armed with three things:
1. A minivan
2. A roadmap
3. And this list of 127 eclectic items:

· Hot Wheels racetracks
· Big Wheel
· Vintage Pottery, bonus if animal figurines
· Tacky keychains
· False teeth
· Steering wheel
· Barefoot shaped accelerator pedal
· Old road-trip games
· Automobile Magazine’s premier issue
· Automotive themed patches or T-shirt iron-ons
· Snap On tools
· Paperback copy of The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test
· Anything from Kenner’s M.A.S.K. line of toys
· Lawn darts (the dangerous kind)
· Vintage Dukes of Hazzard iron-on shirt (Knight Rider is acceptable)
· Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket
· ColecoVision game system (Atari 2600 or Intellivision will suffice)
· Hot Wheels car wash with the spin dry at the end
· Lamborghini Countach poster
· Pontiac Fiero pop-up headlamp
· Bobble-head doll depicting any major league baseball mascot
· The Cab-Driver’s Secret! Beaded car seat cover
· Corvette “USA-1” license plate
· VHS or Beta copy of “Breakin'” the movie
· Back issue of Teen Beat magazine
· Wood-mounted, illustrated copy of the poem “Footprints”
· Dekalb “flying corn” sign
· Doll with big ruffly skirt for covering toilet-paper roll
· Pristine hardcover copy of The Sound and the Fury
· Spiral-bound Junior League cookbook
· Feather-and-beadwork roach-clip hair accessory
· Jack Daniels (or Jim Beam) bar mirror
· Throw pillow puff-painted with vines, blossoms, and birds
· Bottle of sand from Destin Beach
· License plate featuring Elvis’s “takin’ care of business in a flash” logo
· Any item sporting the words “New Orleans: Birthplace of Jazz”
· Precious Moments angel Christmas ornament
· Hunting knife with leather case
· Acrylic blanket with an eagle in flight and the wistful profile of a long-haired Native American
· Crystalesque figurine of any of the following: fire fighter, Mickey Mouse, teddy bear, child in pajamas with open trap-door, Jesus (bonus points for two or more of the above as part of the same figurine)
· NASCAR foam beer-can holder
· Chrysler Cordoba hubcap gold medallion in the center
· Rudge 3-speed bicycles, w/ original, Brooks leather saddle
· WPA regional guides
· 1960s copies of the Saturday Evening Post
· MGB hardtop
· 1960s Blaupunkt/Becker/Motorola car radios
· Pittsburgh pirates/Roberto Clemente/Willie Stargell memorobilia
· Lancia memorabilia and literature
· Grille for 1965 Alfa Guilia super
· Swizzle stick
· Pisces astrological medallion
· Sunbeam Tiger shift knob
· Dan Gurney for President bumper sticker
· Copy of Stand On It! by Stroker Ace
· Foam-and-mesh baseball cap bearing the words “Over 60 and Feelin’ Sexy”
· Chopper handlebar
· Mousetrap board game
· Kiss (the band) doll
· Magic 8-Ball
· Game of Life
· Chatty Kathy Doll
· Easy Bake Oven
· Anything Play-Doh
· Fur Cover for steering wheel
· Ford Model A “Ah-OO-Ga” horn
· G.I. Joe
· Pet Rocks
· Lee Press-On Nails
· Energizer Bunny
· “Six Million Dollar Man” action figure with roll-up rubber arm
· Stretch Armstrong
· Anything “Love Is…”
· “Disappearing clothes” ballpoint pen (either gender)
· Hot Wheels “Twin Mill”
· Candy shaped like a body part
· Brown jug with “XXX” painted on it
· Popiel Pocket Fisherman
· The Clapper
· Skull-shaped candle
· Copy of Thus Spake David E. (bonus if signed by the author)
· Hookah
· Balsa-wood glider kit
· Any automotive press kit
· U.S. flag with 48 (or fewer) stars
· Renault Le Car, Subaru BRAT, or sales literature
· Anything Richard Petty
· Model T part
· Studebaker hubcap
· Issue of Mechanix Illustrated with Tom Cahill cover blurb
· Aftermarket 8-track player
· Cadillac hood ornament
· AMC Pacer sales literature
· Stop sign
· Indy 500 beer mug
· Driver’s ed manual
· 1965 Michigan license plate
· Barbie toy car (any, but must be pink)
· Anything unicorn
· Old Broadway Playbills
· Self-Breathalyzer
· Praying hands nightlight
· Cabbage Patch Kid
· Tap shoes, adult size
· Ozzy and Sharon bobblehead dolls
· Painting of a sad-eyed orphan-looking child with the pointy head, on velvet
· Paint-by-number of The Last Supper
· Rat Fink figurine
· Garden Gnome
· Pee Wee’s Playhouse play set
· Anything “W.W.J.D.”
· Gambling dogs picture
· Tin army men
· Children’s books from the ’40s and ’50s
· Jim Crow stuff
· Weathervane
· Antique vanity items&#151brushes, combs, etc.
· Vintage Coca-Cola items
· Wind-up toys
· Gumby and Pokey dolls
· Memorabilia for Tom Terrific, Tennessee Tuxedo, Huckleberry Hound, or Rocky & Bullwinkle.
· Peace sign pendant on leather string
· Mexican-style poncho
· 1967 Corvette
· Vintage license plate with “County Coroner” I.D.

Automobile Magazine's executive assistant, with one of the 127 Corridor's many vendors.