Geneva 2004 – Volkswagen Concept C

[cars name="Volkswagen"] used Geneva to follow up its sweet, mid-engined Frankfurt-show Concept R two-seater with the decidedly more mainstream (but no less tasty) Concept C four-seater. The cool blue Concept C (as in Coupe and Cabriolet ) features an electro-hydraulic retractable hard top with translucent panels and an integrated sliding sunroof. As you see it here, the Concept C is nine-tenths (or better) production-ready, set to roll into dealerships in the very near future. It’ll be equipped—and priced—above that other air-headed VW, the New Convertible—putting it up against such forthcoming funsters as the Volvo C50 and the BMW 1-series. The concept employs a 150-horsepower gasoline-direct-injection 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, but expect the production version to offer the full range of engines from the fifth-generation , including normally aspirated and turbocharged fours and, with any luck, the marvelous 3.2-liter VR6 from the R32 and 3.2 Quattro.

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