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When 2017
Why? Tie-up with Toyota makes the premium sports car more viable.

At BMW, model-designation inflation shows no sign of abating, so the Z4 replacement becomes the Z5. Why? The real question is why not? Besides, there are bigger workings afoot here. The Z5 is the first fruit of BMW’s sports car collaboration with Toyota. Phase II of the BMW-Toyota tie-up, dubbed Silk Road, was to produce a higher-end BMW sports car and a new Lexus model. It’s on hold for now.

Instead, we will see concept versions of the new BMW Z5 and the Toyota sport coupe in the next year, with production versions to follow during the 2018 model year—the Toyota as a hardtop coupe, the BMW as a roadster. The BMW Z5 ditches its space-inefficient retractable hard top in favor of a classic soft top. The new sports car architecture that serves both models is a highly scalable matrix that revolves around a single fixed point, the front firewall.

The BMW Z5 will feature a more radical front-mid-engine bias, and light weight is a priority. Target weight for the Z5 is 3300 pounds (versus the current Z4, which ranges from 3252 to 3549 pounds). Drivetrain components are said to include a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a choice of an eight-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission, and an electric clutch (to enable coasting).

The BMW Z5 will debut with its 2.0-liter turbo offered in three stages of tune: 190 hp, 245 hp, and 270 hp. An even sportier Z5M would use the 425-hp turbo six from the new 2015 BMW M3 and M4. Alternative scenarios show a straight six (Z6) and a three-cylinder (Z3). The latter would bring BMW’s nomenclature full circle, back to the brand’s first modern-day roadster, which premiered in 1996.

I love my 2012 Z4. this "new" Toyoyo combo with a soft top? No way in Hell.Ill get the last hardtop Z4 and drive it 'till the wheels fall off. BMW this car sucks the big one!
Akshay Majhi
I like BMW cars
Purya Keshavarz
Sohale Mahmoudzadeh oh ya mean looking \U0001f624 ready
Abdo Daoudi
I WILL BUY IT i promise
Migs Orona
It's like a Miata that's not gay.
Migs Orona
Or the Z3. It wasn't powerful at all but hell is it more powerful than a GT86.
Scott Singer
Wish we still had the Z4!
George Nallathamby
Nice wish it was Black with Black wheels...
Great looks, but have they cured the seating position? My old Z4 was so bad , after 100 miles I had tears in my eyes. In three years I was never comfortable if i drove it for more than 50 miles. I'll try the new one, but it will take a long test drive to convince me.
Austin L. Singer
Scott Singer
Theodore Chikomborerochashe
i have neva liked a BMW but this one is a must have
Yuvraj Rajput
Wow.....awosome bmw
Laurence Müller Baumgardt
Jaun-Phillip Jooste
Gopal Kakde
Sirichai Mungkun Trump
super car roadster by B M W
Ryan Elswick
Daniel and Colby
Creig Moser
Its DEFINITELY getting a more aggressive look to it! That's one sexy little machine.
Gerd Kalesse
It will NOT look like this!
Tomáš Janoušek
Itumeleng Makgu
It look's Wow...
Mark Matthew Nelson
Looks big, too big
Danish Inamdar
Truly great looks
Raymond Day-Hakker
Looks tidy, but I think losing what the writer calls its "space-inefficient retractable hard top In favour of a classic soft top" is a bummer. I feel a real sense of conversion when transforming from a roadster to coupe when a hard top closes over my head which I just don't get in a soft top. I'd like to see designers balance rear end practicality ( boot) with design. So safety and comfort aren't compromised as they are in soft tops. Lets hope drivers of this mew model have a hard heads should anything ever go pear shape.
Chris Onefastaudi
Look! A Yoyota!
Ross Mazin
kill it
Nasrul Ghafar
Drew Michael
The next frs? Idiot journalist, Subaru already stated the brz and frs will remain twins for a second gen, that it wouldn't be viable for them to build and sell the brz on their own. Toyota's collab with BMW to make sports cars will produce some iteration of the ft1, likely wearing the supra tag
Drew Michael
Z5? So... 4 doors?
Junaid Qureshi
Looks so much better finally.
Jacques René Delange
Very Nice
Michael Anderson
Omfg that looks awesome, and Anthony Campbell keep yer stupid stereotypes to yerself
Anthony Campbell
Gay men and hair dressers rejoice!
We couldn't agree more with you!
Eduardo E Elida
What has become Marcelo Ortiz \U0001f609\U0001f44d
Saysana T. Louang
Arul Chelvi
Nice Blue colour Car.
Danny Anderson
That's the big question. Time will tell \U0001f60a hope your ok pops ? X
Andy Anderson
Ooh yeah like it, this might be the next car, are BMW going to produce it? Xxx
Arlene La Vasani
Andrew Rogin
buy me dis Matthew
Rudy La-Marca
Ha c'est pile pour toi ! Hahha
Manon Minier-Bruno
Rudy La-Marca regarde ça !
Justin Taylor
Hope your head shakes off your shoulders buddy
ImranKhan Shahapur
Wooooooow. ..Itzzz sexy
Kyree S. Williams
If it has BMW handling and Toyota reliability, I'm sold...lol
Alex Rosa
Beautiful! But, Toyota??? ..... Smh
Juan Ricardo Ruiz Guzman
menudo morro tiene con esos ojos asusta a cualquiera
Danny Anderson
Andy Anderson
Sandeep Chavan
Brian Sweet
Bring back the z8

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