2016 Chevy Camaro Sneak Preview

Automobile Staff
David O’Connell

When: 2015
Why? Because the muscle-ponycar rivalry is in full-swing

We’ve known for four years that the 2016 Chevy Camaro will switch from GM’s heavy, aging, Australian-based Zeta platform to the new, all-singing, all-dancing Alpha platform. It will not be on the Cadillac ATS’s short-wheelbase version of Alpha but on the long-wheelbase version used for the 2014 Cadillac CTS. As with the CTS, the new Camaro will lose several hundred pounds of weight in its next iteration.

Why the long wheelbase? At 114.6 inches, it’s just 2.3 inches longer than the current Camaro’s wheelbase and shorter than the Dodge Challenger’s, although it is a full 7.5 inches longer than the Mustang’s. The Alpha platform is narrower than the Zeta platform, at least in CTS form, so the effect on the Camaro’s all-important footprint as factored into its Corporate Average Fuel Economy target may be negligible.

We’ve long heard the 2016 Camaro will have heritage cues from the second-generation Camaro, which premiered as a 1970 ½ model.

Engine choices will remain the SS and high-performance variants of the small-block V-8, as well as the 3.6-liter V-6. To go toe-to-toe with the Mustang EcoBoost, the ’16 Camaro will be offered with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine for the first time; in this case, it’s a version of Cadillac’s 272-hp, 295 lb-ft 2.0-liter.

Keeping the 2016 Chevy Camaro on the larger side also leaves room in the Chevrolet lineup for a Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ competitor, as previewed by the Code 130R concept from 2012. That rear-wheel-drive project may have been sidelined, however. At least one source believes the small sporty coupe, set also for the ’16 model year, will instead be based on the front-wheel-drive Tru 140S concept that was unveiled alongside the Code 130R.

Although we have no spy shots to dissect, we’ve long heard that the 2016 Chevy Camaro will have heritage cues from the second-generation Camaro, which premiered as a 1970½ model. We think it might look something like this, with the two-window daylight opening and a thick, semi-fastback C-pillar with no B-pillar. Our illustrator emphasized the waterline bodyside to separate the upper and lower segments, like the gen-two Camaro, and separated the headlamps from the center grille.

The modern variation of the ’70½ Camaro RS grille also ties it in with the squared-off eggcrate grilles making their way into most Chevy sedans, but with a center scoop to line up the grille with a powerdome that accentuates the Camaro’s muscle-car image. Our illustrator extended the black powerdome accent onto the roof to visually lower the car, and this is repeated again on the rear spoiler’s edge, rendered as an aerodynamic aide in carbon fiber. The coke bottle fender flares are more exaggerated than with the 2010–15 model. Front LED turn signals intersect with the LED headlamps.

Despite having the CTS’s wheelbase, we expect the new Camaro to be at least five inches shorter overall than the luxury sedan and about the same overall length as the current car.

Some recent reports say the 2016 Chevy Camaro will be an evolutionary design and nothing as radical as this rendering indicates. If so, Chevy design has retrenched in light of the conservative 2015 Ford Mustang. But while the new Mustang also is on a new platform with independent rear suspension, most of its dimensions other than height are either close to, or exactly the same (wheelbase, for instance) as the outgoing model. The current Camaro outsold the Mustang from 2010 to 2013 largely on its daring design, and it’s hard to believe that Chevrolet would suddenly get cautious after shifting its fashion-forward halo onto a new platform.

Love this rendition.  I've waited a very long time for this one.  Count me in.
Doug S
I heard rumors that you guys might be right on when it comes to the next gen Camaro styling cues.  I worked in the steel segment for 41 years and good sources tell me the 2nd gen styling cues have been talked about for some time now.   The ZL2 will have the LT4 Z06 detuned engine at 625hp. I love the illustration and look forward at seeing more down the road from the other guys. 
Jason Ray
You do realize that this is automobilemagazines rendering, not GM's. lot of complaining about a picture drawn by some guy that has no idea what the 16 will look like.
Say Hello To My Little Friend
This is as ugly as the 5th gen.....way to go gm, your camaro keeps getting more ugly every gen.
Greg Aryous
Enough of the lazy retro...Can't GM design a modern looking Camaro without relying so much on the past...At least 2015 Mustang looks modern with just enough classic touches so u know its MustangNo balls GM....!!!
None Nope
Let me guess, The 6/8 cylinder models will have the auto engine shut off to save fuel when stopped at a stop light and the cutting off of a cylinder or two at highway speeds to save fuel.So much for hearing the classic muscle car rumble of the engine at stop lights....

The so called "muscle cars" of now days can't hold a candle to the true muscle cars of the 60's to mid 70's style, design wise and ease of repair and cost of repair wise!
Roger James
David O’Conner nailed it. Does GM have the balls to use this design?
Christian Robinson
It dont look better than the 2014
Chris Poy
thats actually really gross it looks like the second gen which is awful
Andrew Stixrud
That i would get i would collect all the cammaro even that one if I had the money
Dest Droid
Please dear God no.
Michael Ruff
Don Michael Tanner
Michael Ruff
If it looks like that I'll become a Camaro owner!
Thomas Bragg
Looks too much like a Cadillac. Start over!
Daniel Cronan
I have always believed the '70-'81 Camaro/Firebird to be one of the sexiest automobiles that GM has ever produced, & I can not WAIT for this!!!!
Derrick Thomas
Love it. Build it.
Ronnie Ray
Looks like a mustang
Vince Wright
Looks more like a 1980 retro redo
Joshua Rohrbaugh
My uncles favorite
John Vitellaro
Dodge has the only muscle car that looks like a muscle car. GM is desperate to copy by finally ridding that transformer crap car. Ha, now it's a Caddy. Jesus. Either way it'll get recalled. Garbage.
Stephen M. Huse
Hope so. The Hertz Camaro the I have rented from Hertz is a dog.
Zane Bt Southgate
Brian Southgate things look bit familiar
Biju Varughese
its nothing like the present camaro
Arnold Rabin
Where is the fire?
Tim Nofullname
This is looking better, a lot nicer than the phoned in current example.
So it's going to be lighter, but still huge - no thanks.
Eli Brooks
This pretty cool
Richard Hawkins
I'm looking forward to seeing it
Jerry Camilleri
Slow down let's see if the company goes bankrupt first
Matthew Lambert
Kill it with fire
Steve Yelich
Gonna blow the Mustang away.
Ryosuke Takahashi
Dora May
Are you kidding Me! !
If it looks like that YES!
Dawn Bryant
Ryan Andrew Martin
HAHA!. That looks retarded. GM couldn't design itself out of a wet, self-designing bag. Some Cadillac models excluded, of course.
Darren Songfreid
Gregory Easton
Yep - looks like the '70 -- all it needs is round headlights...
Alex Pancamo
It appears the next gen is supposed to follow the second gen, just like the current follows the first.
Michael Et Robin Jacques
I agree Paul, this looks like they are trying to win back some brand loyalty with the retro design. Nice, I'd buy one.
Justice Edwards
That's a hot design!
Lee Klein
The drawing is super cool, but I hope the next Camaro doesn't look like it.
Brown Hornet
should only be a 6 or an 8..skip that 4...if i wanted a 4 i would not look at a CAMARO! (sports car)...do u want a camaro or a honda make up ur mind...and skip the EPA/MPG crap on a sports car..the government is not buying ALL the cars..the people are...when i go to a dealership looking for a sports car and paying for it for 4 or 5 years, a 4cyl is last on my mind..Get a Miata..and as far as looks go well ok retro what ever..but i would like to see some drawings of a newer style camaro..fresh idea...not copy cats...What no more designers with new ideas...are we stuck in the 60/70s with bell-bottoms and afros or curly hair and lava lamps..if we have to go retro then chuck in some more future stuff else where on the car..and i hope the 1LE/ZL1 and Z/28 come along for the ride on this new car...and less weight too please..
Luis Pargas
Really? Wow it looks like a 69.whats happening chevy?
Randall Owen
Looks like a Mustang
Just because it doesn't look like a bar of soap doesn't mean it is retro.  Looks very modern to me.
Doug S
@Say Hello To My Little Friend Your avatar says it all. So lets all LOL you idiot.
Say Hello To My Little Friend
@Roger James No, gm is too busy wit recalls.
Say Hello To My Little Friend
It looks just as bad
agreed Derrick!

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