Cadillac and Lincoln Sneak Preview: LTS, MKX Lead the Way

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Lincoln may not be Buick, but it’s pulling a Buick, with eight Chinese dealerships opening in seven cities this autumn. The plan is to have sixty dealerships in fifty cities by the end of 2016. If Lincoln can sell 150,000 cars per year there, China could become its biggest market.

Cadillac is also making a big push in China, although it hasn’t given up on Western Europe. Most of its lineup becomes rear-wheel drive (with all-wheel-drive options). The Cadillac we’re most anticipating is the 2016 LTS, a rear-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive sedan the size of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan, shown in a rendering above. Also expected for the 2016 model year are the twin-turbo, 3.6-liter V-6-powered ATS-V; the small-block-powered CTS-V; and a new SRX. A smaller front-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive Lincoln MKC crossover competitor is expected for 2017. The Lambda-based (Buick Enclave) Escalade XTX crossover has been canceled. A second-generation front-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive 2019 XTS sedan remains in the plans.

After the 2015 Lincoln MKC compact CUV launches this fall, the new mid-size two-row MKX (concept shown above) arrives next year as a 2015 model. The MKS, which won’t be sold in China, will be replaced by a new 2018 Lincoln flagship that will be sold there. Although it remains front-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive on an extended MKZ platform, the Lincoln will have a stretched section between the front door cut and the front wheel that will give it the dash-to-axle body proportion of a rear-wheel-drive car. Except for its 2015 Navigator, Lincoln appears to have no plans for any rear-wheel-drive models.

Ozzie Ozzie
No plans for rear wheel drive tells me Ford is not planning to put any "Real" money into the brand. All the talk about "World Class" is just It is typical marketing hype from a company too short sighted to make the Lincoln Brand what it should be, a true American Luxury car that can compete on  a global basis. In the meantime we will get warmed over, slightly upgraded fords that pretends to be luxury vehicles.
Marc Hamady
GM, make it standard with either the 4.5L TT V8 or the 6.2L LT1 V8 @ $75,000 starting price.
Michael Anderson
I hate this abomination
Vincent Narrell
Love the look! I can see this being a number one seller
Love the LTS exterior as pictured above, just hope everything on the interior is going to live up to S-Class, 7 Series standards. GM should look at the A7's interior as a foundation to replicate. 
Somehow I already feel cheated by Lincoln fronting a FWD as RWD by inserting extra sheet metal for illusion.  Build a proper RWD sedan already!!!!
 Doesn't the Mustang platform allow for a RWD sedan?

Rahefee Ali Al-imir
Yes the lts... The next wave of Yaya then let down
Yuvraj Rajput
Nice luxurious
David Camacho Castillo
Looks like it's called the LTS. It's on the bottom side. And no suicide-doors. The door handles are in their normal place.
Leen Butter
I like Britisch
Sicelo 'dibaba' Nkabinde
So mouth watering...
Michael Christie
Reminds me of the old days of the 40's and 50's when Cadillac was king! They need a large flagship sedan!
Joel Norman
I expect rear wheel drive or a super slick AWD system. A power adder, like a turbo would be a plus also.
Colin Nixon
I hope they use the name Fleetwood. Still miss Coupe deville.
Steven Matthew Myers
I KNOW it doesn't- it's a "bitch"- changing the badge is meaningless. It's the PRODUCT.
Jesse Tafoya
Great looking car
Francisco Giordano
David Prosper
Yes please!!
Fast car Prishtina - Tuning
Tony Gentile
Dakota Jacob Harms
Finally some American style!
Brian Flynn
I like it to keko when you buy me one I have it in silver
Alfred Lazarus
Matt LaFontaine
Beautiful can't wait!
Mark Pierzynski
Nice design. Cadillac not only needs this car for individual consumers, but also for the needs of livery companies.
Leon Dorsey
GMC get this one right its all about QC
Jared Reynolds
I see a lot of traditional Cadillac styling cues, but it still is sleek, sexy, and elegant at the same time
Stephen Abbott
Nice. But it will likely not look like this. Few concepts survive the bean counters.
Vash Da Stampede
Suicide doors work perfect this caddy.
Lyn Zbinden
I never said anything about liking or disliking GM. I just don't get on a page and bash someone else's product, a clear sign you are not in the business. No, I'm not happy about the loss of life, but it wasn't not to save a few bucks, another indication you're not in the business. I am very disappointed that the switch was not reviewed better. No one designs something in the car business to intentionally fail.
Jeff Hubler
I love it
Joseph Smith
Doesn't look bad at all! Too bad the interior will be a creaky plastic oasis of cheapness
Patrick Bisson
just don't take the exact headlights as the cts..
Mark Grant
Taj Cadillac
If Cadillac's upcoming flagship looks close to this Alif...
Jim Zarubick
It's a nice looking car but I can't get rid of visions of Boss Hogg driving it.
Robert Wong
Bullseye ! Better than the european counterparts.
Bret Grandsinger
Love it! Would love to own one!
Vinny Aces
I'd like to see more of the architecture inside the interior finishes..outside looks great! GM wants the royalty top/dollars, but fails to finish the inside,like the dash board which lack texture tones and softness ...ex: Audi masters it.. Cheap looking plastics that peel ...please bring your A game GM..
Alif Leaf Bayyinah Lockery
Taj Cadillac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mahaveer Madar
wow super car
Cruise Control Radio
Big rear drive Cad thumbs up!
Joe Lussier
Joe Lussier
I like this design, but this comment made me lol.
Robert Ghita
asta e arma anti-S class ? :D
Joel Fauroux
Thomas Abbott
Yes yes yes!
Mehul Kamdar
Nice, but it could do with a little more flair. Cadillac can do it. They have great designers.
Ozzie Ozzie
@SSGuy69 Exactly my point too. Willing to dress it up to look rear wheel drive but not willing to actually build a rear wheel drive platform. Too bad after all of these years Ford doesn't get the message.  
@SSGuy69 I concur, and yes the Mustang platform would allow for a perfect RWD Lincoln coupe that paired with Fords 2.3 Eco-Boost and even a top end revised TT 3.5 V6 could and should give the likes of the Q60, M4, A5/S5, C-Coupe, etc a run for the money. 
However, I don't think Ford has the brass balls to pull the trigger.

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