2015 Acura NSX Sneak Preview

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When: 2015
Why: Because Acura and Honda need a new halo car.

Honda’s most loyal fans will tell you the brand’s heyday came quick on the heels of Toyota’s heyday, in the late 1980s and into the ’90s. This, in chronological order, is what created the fanboys: the CRX, the creation of the Acura brand three years ahead of Lexus and Infiniti, Acura’s early Integras, Ayrton Senna’s three Formula 1 championships at the wheel of McLaren-Hondas, VTEC engine technology, and the introduction of the Acura NSX as Senna was winning his second championship.

More than a decade after Acura built its last aluminum-bodied, rear-wheel-drive VTEC V-6 NSX, Honda is preparing new F1 engines for McLaren’s 2016 season, and the NSX name returns—as an Acura in North America and China, and as a Honda everywhere else. The Acura NSX will pair a high-output, twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6, mounted rear-midship, longitudinally, with an electric hybrid system working through a seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle. The twin-turbo engine powers the rear wheels and two electric motors power the front wheels.

The latest NSX concept, which debuted at last year's Detroit auto show, is tantalizingly close to the production-spec car, expected to show up at the 2015 Detroit show.

Not coincidentally, this powertrain alludes to the turbo V-6/Energy Recovery System hybrid powerplant that Honda F1 must build to get back into the world’s most advanced racing series, even though the Acura NSX powertrain is a straightforward hybrid. Both McLaren, with its P1, and the House of the Prancing Horse, with its LaFerrari, are alluding to their F1 efforts more directly, with energy recovery systems connected to a turbo V-8 and a normally aspirated V-12, respectively.

Just as the original Acura NSX was a milder alternative to the hyper-exotics of its day, we feel safe in predicting that the ’15 model won’t have the stratospheric power and physics-defying acceleration of the McLaren P1, LaFerrari, or the similarly configured Porsche 918 Spyder. The new Acura techno-wonder promises to be a quantum leap over the old model, however, which peaked at 290 hp. Honda engineers in Marysville, Ohio, have been developing the new sports car (which will be built there, as well) and pushed management in Japan to mount the engine longitudinally, instead of transversely like the last Acura NSX, to get more power out of it.

Using a normally aspirated 3.5L V-6, the Acura RLX Hybrid powertrain makes a combined 377 hp. So, how much more can we expect in the Acura NSX by tuning it up and adding twin turbochargers? Certainly, a figure well north of 500 hp isn’t an unreasonable expectation. And if history is any guide, the Acura NSX should handle as well as any of its rivals while cruising as easily as a Civic in stop-and-go traffic.

Yes....the front end is butt-ugly!  I own a '98 and the all around styling is beautiful, including the front end.  I've always said that the only way I would sell my NSX would be to buy a new one.  Unfortunately...I would not want to look at that grill for the next 20 years so I guess I'll just keep mine.  Come on Acura.....You still have time to do the right thing and re-design this thing!
Always liked Honda...the motorcycles, cars and now the Hondajet Plane. When best done, the esthetics of design are always sleek, elegant, tight.But the Acura brand has been a huge let down since the early Integra.The insistence of incorporating the awkward/ugly front "chevron" design element regardless of model just about makes be wanna puke.And now that same unfortunate shape ruins both the front and rear of the NSX.Someone find the genius who signed off on this exterior design and suggest seppuku .
Arthur Jungaya
hope to have that car
Jesse Ru
To see if it'll actually come out
Amol Wakudkar
tarzon the wonder car
Matt Johnson
How much?
Damian B-ois
Will it match the technology of mclaren or Mercedes or even Porsche .. Honda was a valid sports brand Long long time ago, during Senna days but now? ?
Murat Oral
copy r8
Alex Manton
It looks OK, but resembles an R8 with a Mazda nose and Corvette rear fascia.  Excited to see some real numbers and pics in the near future.
Jason Burrell
Is this the new Audi R8?
Nitesh Vasani
NSX concept looks just fabulous...Should definitely go into production...Superb Styling...http://www.worldofautomobile.com/tata-revotron-1-2t-petrol-engine......http://www.worldofautomobile.com
Vinny Aces
Omg.. It's awful . Sublet out the design to an American or an Italian studio ...cause what comes out of Asian markets lack finesse for presentation . Ugly//:
Matt Simmons
Don't even care anymore.
I'm a Honda fan from their glory days, this car looks cheap unfortunately. I hope they look better in real production than the renderings we've seen thus far.
Darren Songfreid
Use design elements from the NSX to develop the next Acura flagship sedan.
Lee Klein
I hope this isn't the final version. There have been other concept teasers that have been much better-looking. With this one, the design is all wrong, especially the front end.
Pablo Diaz
Don't like it at all. Bring the original design back
Alexander Stewart
Eugen Ev
Robert Ghita
Omair Malik
Simply another audi r8 review :/
Robert May
I just can't get past the ugliness of the exterior styling. I'm sorry, but the original NSX is STILL drop dead gorgeous, even after all these years. It has perfect proportions, sexy lines, and an awesome looking greenhouse. This new model just looks like a car from a science fiction movie.
Hugh Cooper
im so tired of acura's, cadillacs, lincoln's naming conventions
Dilaŋ Ahmed
Just drove it more than 10 hrs on granturismo 3
Soon Honda will know what Chrysler is finding out with its new Viper...second tier performance and mediocre styling,  combined with high pricing, won't cut it against the C7 Corvette.
I don't know how Honda expects to sell a "super" car that will get smoked by the neighbor kid's Camaro SS.  When the original NSX came out, reliability was a novelty in the supercar class, but the Audi R8 and Corvette will match it now, and outclass it in every performance test.  Constantly losing in every matchup is not the way to build cache.  
An Audi R8 ripoff, with insufficient power, insect eyes, and the fugly Acura canopener parrot beak.  FAIL!  MASSIVE FAIL!
Otto Go
sorry but the previous gen looked better!
Jacob Jones
I'm already tired of it lol
I still remember the Jerry Seinfeld commercials for the Acura NSX a couple of years ago as it was about the same time that Chevrolet announced they would be building a C7 Corvette, we've got the C7 Corvette Stingray and unless Acura decides on changes, the next generation NSX will be ready when Chevy is ready to introduce the C7 Corvette Z06 which will probably still be cheaper and a lot faster.
Omar Ocasio
Michelle, for your friend.
José William Rosado Silvestry
Eclipce 2015
Big-Rig Stig
So, is Acura going to share in that Modular Supercar Platform er whatever it's called.... Hurrican, R8, NSX?
Johnny McQueen
Rohan Reid
Looks like an Audi R8. But i hope its even better than the previous one, or else its just a waste of time.
John Blackwell
I remember when Acura and cool almost belonged in the same sentence....
James Brooks
Never mind
Peter Stelman
Looks like a fun car to pick up used in a few years.
Brodie Mower
So another R8 huh?
John Lopez
With all the worlds top exoctics now Hybrid, what is it exactly you don't like about them?
Jeff Stein
What am I most looking forward to about the new NSX? That it friggin come out already. We've been talking about it for 10 years. Poop or get off the pot.
John Lopez
For it to actually come out. I can't afford one myself, but Acura really needs this asap. Perhaps the only vehicle in the Honda family that indicates they still know how to properly style a vehicle from top to bottom. Only their new Hondajet is sexier.
Santosh Reddy Konatham
offoo awsome
James Brooks
If I wasn't a hybrid, a lot
Honda insisting on the fugly Acura front grill treatment
Ultimo Patriarch
You must hate Lexus and BMWs then.
Ultimo Patriarch
@the_roadrunner The Camarro SS? Introduce a corner and see what happens. And American cars are great at reliability even now.
Ultimo Patriarch
@the_roadrunner  You are simply in possession of exceptionally bad taste. How embarrassing for you not for Acura.
Your getting old my friend, almost Legend-ary.
I was just thinking that. How original huh?
@the_roadrunner Pa-dum-Chi

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