Long Shots - Future Cars That Might Not Make it to Production

Fiat/Alfa Romeo
The Fiats are coming! Maybe. The Fiat most likely to reach our shores is the pint-size 500, which would offer Mini Cooper cachet at a Dodge Caliber price. Standing in the way is the 500's ability to meet U.S. crash standards and the stickier matter of Chrysler's continued existence.

Further down the road and far less certain are several Alfa Romeo models. There's the MiTo (think Honda Fit, but with Italian sexiness instead of Japanese quirkiness) and yet-to-be-designed compact and mid-size sedans named the Milano and the Giulia.

2011 Chrysler 300C
We've seen the next Chrysler 300C, and it's breathtaking. Exterior changes are subtle but very handsome, and the interior gets a much-needed upgrade. The Charger - Dodge's version of the same car - will be upgraded simultaneously, and it's drop-dead gorgeous. These twins prove that Chrysler knows how to share platforms without sharing styling, even down to the interiors. Well, if Chrysler survives long enough for these cars to see production.

2010 Fisker Karma
It's easy to be skeptical: 400 hp, 1000 lb-ft of torque, 0 to 60 mph in less than six seconds, better handling than a Maserati Quattroporte, luxury rivaling the BMW 7-series, and better-than-Prius green cred. And all for $87,900. The man behind the machine, Henrik Fisker, insists that his Karma will be at dealers by the end of this year. If Fisker can come through - and if buyers respond - a convertible version is next.

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