Spy Shots: 2009 Nissan BabyZ

June 12, 2007
Don't be fooled - this isn't the new 350Z!
Photos of this Nissan test mule surfaced early this morning on the streets surrounding the Nrburgring. Multiple contacts on the ground have said that it appears to have a shortened wheelbase - and if you look closely, they're right.
You can see that the roof structure, door, and side sills were all shortened. So was the front overhang. Inside, you can see a second set of A-pillars, denoting a narrower car than the 350Z. Infiniti multiple-piston front calipers peer through the 350Z wheels.
You can also see a roll cage - but we don't think this mule is a convertible, because Nissan brought along a Porsche Cayman and BMW Z4 Coupe (not the convertible versions of those cars).
While we can't rule out that this mule is the next generation 350Z, we would be surprised if it became so much smaller. So at this point, we think you're looking at the first shots of a smaller rear-wheel drive sports car from Nissan.
Looks like the 350Z is getting a baby brother.


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