2009 Audi Q7 Hybrid

September 12, 2005
0509 Frankfurt 019+2006 Audi Q7 Hybrid Concept+front Right View
Audi showed a Q7 hybrid concept which married a 4.2-liter V-8 with an electric motor that adds another 148 lb-ft (to make a whopping 473 lb ft). In typically German fashion, this makes the hybrid even faster, trimming the 0-to-62-mph time from 7.4 to 6.8 seconds. Fuel consumption is said to be fifteen-percent better. Top Audi officials insist that this vehicle will make it to production in 2008, but the company engineers we've spoken with think that the powertrain will be too costly; diesels are cheaper and just as efficient. Regardless, if high-end Toyota and Lexus vehicles continue to sell well in the U.S., a vehicle like this could see our shores even if it doesn't make sense in terms of pure dollars and cents.
0509 Frankfurt 029+2006 Audi Q7 Hybrid Concept+rear Side View
0509 Frankfurt 039+2006 Audi Q7 Hybrid Concept+side View
0509 Frankfurt 049+2006 Audi Q7 Hybrid Concept+grill View
0509 Frankfurt 059+2006 Audi Q7 Hybrid Concept+front Interior View
0509 Frankfurt 069+2006 Audi Q7 Hybrid Concept+badge View


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2009 Audi Q7

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