History: Chevrolet Corvette Racing Then and Now

Don Sherman

The change in power-to-weight ratio is a significant 30-percent. Factor in the less effective brakes, heavier wheels, and the reduction in aerodynamic down force and you've got a package with notably less speed potential. That said, until the green flag drops, no one can accurately say how the new Corvette's will stack up against the Porsches, Ferraris, and BMWs that prevailed last year. Pratt & Miller's confidence rests on the powerful simulation tools which predict that this effort will be in the competitive thick of things.

One final note to all the wealthy swells in the reading audience tempted to don Nomex in order to try their hand at GT2 racing: Pratt & Miller will happily sell an exact match to the two cars they'll be racing this year. The list price of $750-800,000 covers a turn-key car that's been thoroughly shaken down at the track. A transporter, pit crew, tools, spares, and the requisite deep-pocket sponsor are not included. While this figure is roughly one-third higher than the price of a new 911 GT3 from Porsche, less expensive spares and the fact that no upgrades are required to match the factory team's performance brings the two rivals into parity from an operating-cost standpoint.

If, instead, you're just curious how the Corvette GT2Rs fare this season, plant your face to the television to watch the Sebring checkered flag fall at 10:30PM on March 20.

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