Great Rivalries: Nigel Mansell vs Everyone

August 27, 2009
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A rough-edged, self-made Briton with a sizable chip on his shoulder, Nigel Mansell never quite fit in with the F1 elite, even though his record - thirty-one grand prix victories, a driver's championship, and an Indy car championship - certainly merited his inclusion. Instead, Mansell forced his way into the consciousness of his competitors with fearless tactics on the track and, some say, demanding, divalike behavior off it. Excerpts from Mansell's most memorable rivalries:
"I can only say that [Senna] was lucky that some bystanders kept us apart after we'd had a bit of a scuffle. There could have been a bit of a mess on the garage floor."
- Mansell, on punching Ayrton Senna after the 1987 Belgian Grand Prix.
"I have won two world championships. All Mansell has managed to do is lose one."
- Williams F1 teammate Nelson Piquet, after Mansell came from behind in the 1987 British Grand Prix to deprive Piquet of the win. Piquet later referred to Mansell as an "uneducated blockhead."
"Piquet is just a vile man."
- Mansell, on Piquet.
"You have to respect Prost's record, but at least one of his titles was won more by skillful maneuvering away from the circuit than actually out on the track. . . . He's a bit of a magpie."
- Mansell, on Alain Prost, Ferrari teammate in 1990.
"I guess if Ronnie Peterson was the best teammate I ever had, Nigel Mansell was the worst."
- Mario Andretti, on being Mansell's teammate in 1993 with Indy car team Newman/Haas.


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