Canadian Grand Prix Formula 1 Racing - A Jaded Fan Returns to F1

Joe Sherman
Roy Ritchie

I glue myself to a flat screen. It's all too predictable at first: Hamilton, Kubica, Räikkönen - 1, 2, 3. Some skillful passing further back, thankfully. The surface is OK (midnight rush paving did the trick), speeds are high. Then there's a quirky accident, something common in a parking lot. Exiting the pits, Kubica and Räikkönen stop at a red light, but Hamilton doesn't see it. He bashes into the Ferrari. Both cars are out. Later, revealing his irrepressible humor and one of the reasons fans are taking to him, Kubica will thank Hamilton for hitting the Finn instead of him.

After that, there's gutsy driving back in the pack, but Kubica gets the checkered flag. Fist pumping, like an alien in a huge helmet (it occurs to me: wouldn't it be cool if he slapped a Dalai Lama sticker on it for the Chinese Grand Prix?), Kubica hugs Theissen. Given the circumstances, it's a tarnished win, but a win nevertheless. Kubica's first, it puts him in front in the drivers' championship standings.

Now, to get out of here. It takes a while. Most memorable moment? Two fans talking, their cooler bumping the back of my legs.

"Hell of a race. Storybook ending."

"You never know."

Well, I know. Next year, I'm getting grandstand seats. You can't see squat for $75, the general admission tab just for today. The ambience was great, my driver won, and next year I hope to see new, fast, pacesetting technology, find Max Mosley retired, and Kubica defending his 2008 championship crown. The Sirens got me.

Until then, vive le Québec!

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