Would You Buy Hyundai's European Elantra Wagon?

Hyundai has showed off photos of its new i30 Wagon that will make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The all-new wagon will join the i30 hatchback in Hyundai's European lineup later this year.

We know the i30 hatchback here in the States as the all-new 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT, which made its debut earlier this month alongside the two-door Hyundai Elantra Coupe at the Chicago Auto Show. American buyers also get a third, sedan version of the Elantra, as well.

The new i30 Wagon is powered by the same engines as the Euro i30 Hatchback, including three gas and three diesel engines, ranging from 89 to 133 hp. Overall length of the wagon is up 7.3 inches to 176.6 inches compared the hatchback, and cargo room behind the rear seats has grown to 18.6 cubic feet; with the rear seats folded cargo space is more than tripled to nearly 58 cubic feet.

Hyundai’s i30 Wagon was designed alongside the i30 hatchback at Hyundai’s R&D center in Rüsselsheim, Germany, “enabling the stylists to fashion a coherent design that bears a strong family resemblance inspired by Hyundai’s fluidic sculpture form language,” according to Hyundai.

The i30 hatchback and wagon are nearly identical on the front, but from the B-pillar back the wagon’s roofline extends further back giving it a proper station wagon look while retaining Hyundai’s family resemblance. The rear window wraps around the D-pillar to decrease blind spots.

The i30 Wagon will be the second bodystyle of the i30 line sold in Europe, and Hyundai has no plans to bring it across the pond. Should Hyundai bring a proper Elantra Wagon stateside, for a full lineup of C-segment cars? Or does the upcoming GT model fill the bill for a practical, yet sporty five-door? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Hyundai UK

Absolutely! I am planning on driveing my 2010 Elantra for 150,000 miles, but if they brought in the wagon I would be first in line to purchase.
Too bad it won't be here. The new hatchbacks basically have no room behind the seats, and insist on making the cargo area like a trunk. The old Hyundai Touring was the only to have room in it and now they have made it the same size as all the rest. Pass on the new GT only because it is too small.
Mark Wisniewski
I'd buy it! Yeah, I love the GT hatch, but I need a bit more cargo flexibility!
KW Sluggo
They should bring it here -- or at least to Canada. With fuel prices well above $5 per U.S. gallon (presently $1.27 per litre) and heading still higher (predictions are new record high prices) this small wagon will be supplanting the small crossover market in Canada and at a lower price point (Canadian car prices are frightening in comparison with those in the U.S, - most particularly VW and Audi where the price difference is about $5,000) It is stylish and would occupy the same niche as the late Kia Rondo while achieving outstanding MPG. Next up: bring over a Chev Cruze wagon and/or hatchback with a diesel.
Hyundai makes better cars than Honda. Hyundai can't keep up with the demand for their vehicles yet avoid further expansion in order to continue to focus on quality. The Elantra now commands higher prices than the Civic. The Elantra is a Consumer Reports best buy while the Civic wasn't even recommended. Hyundai provides a superior warranty to any Honda or Acura vehicle for that matter. Hyundai now guarantees the trade in value of the vehicles they sell and where is Honda's answer to that one? Spend your money on a Honda. They aren't bad cars. However, they aren't as good as a Hyundai. Emotions aside, all the objective evidence clearly indicates Hyundai vehicles are better. Honda simply survives on their past reputation. At this point, Hyundai has passed them in nearly every parameter save handling performance and that is all about to come to an end also. Hyundai's engineers are hard at work improving the handling and steering performance of their vehicles. The next redesigns are going to be very difficult for Honda to deal with. As far as the i30 is concerned, I'm not convinced that Hyundai needs another alternative in their small car lineup in North America. The Accent comes in both hatchback and sedan versions. They now have the Elantra, Elantra coupe, and Elantra GT along with the Veloster and Veloster turbo. They need to expand in the family vehicle market with more than the Veracruz as their only 7 passenger vehicle.
I think it would be a waste of time to bring it to the US. The new GT looks very similar and will serve the purpose of practicality and sportiness in the North American market. With the Elantra sedan, GT, and coupe.... they have the market covered I think. I agree, the US needs more luxury features. I know in Canada, the Elantra comes with auto dual climate control and this is not available in the US. I know the new GT comes with projector lights, that cool hidden camera feature, and automated seats.
...and they should also offer the Sonata (i40) wagon stateside as well.
Yes. Definitely, they should bring it stateside.
I think they are tiney and from a country that is notorious for being a copycat and determined to drive other reputable brands i.e. Honda, out of the market based on price! Honda has proven that their workmanship and quality results in high resale values and dependibility for the owner, but Hyundai and Kia have not and may one day litter the sides of our great American Highways like the Build to exceed Sales (BteS) era domestic vehicles began to do in the 60's! It was always evident to me that those manufacturers whose dealers had excess inventories of new vehicles on their lots at the beginning of the new vehicle year were the worst of the ones at the BteS philosophy of manufacturing!
I disagree. The is currently no room for it. The Elantra GT will serve the same purpose with fun style and a bit less room. There is little demand for straight shoot wagons in the States. Buyers who want more room will almost instantly graduate to compact SUV such as the Tucson. What I want to see however is the the premium features make it to the US shores either as an optional upgrade or trim level upgrade. I wish i had dual climate controls and projector xenons / LED tails as the Avante has in korea. Doing so will push the Elantra upmarket to more even attract premium c class buyers.
they should bring it i mean if they want to keep the momentum going they got to bring different varieties of cars to the table. That something other manufactures are not doing meanwhile i wonder whats next for KIA's lineup and i can't wait to see.

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