Why Saabs Are Considered Born From Jets

Automobile Staff

"Born from jets" isn't just a Saab advertising line - it's what the Saab name actually stands for.

Many automotive enthusiasts are aware that the first Saab was designed in 1947 by 16 aircraft engineers (interestingly, only two of whom even owned driver's licenses). However, the name "SAAB" itself is actually an acronym for an aerospace brand. It is derived from "Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget", which means "Swedish Aircraft Company".

And even though Saab no longer manufacturers airplanes (Saab AB, a separate, unaffiliated company handles that job), Saab maintains that its aerospace heritage has always shaped its design philosophy. Luckily, that heritage and Sweden's cold winters have also helped shape Saab innovations such as headlamp washers and heated seats!

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