Whoops! Cadillac Accidentally Unveils 2013 XTS Before LA Show

It looks like Cadillac may have been a little too over-eager to get to the early bird special: it accidentally put up an official image of the all-new 2013 XTS on its consumer site a week before its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The car is almost a dead ringer to the XTS Platinum concept from last year’s Detroit auto show. The production XTS retains the concept’s mesh grille and swept-back headlamp design, while gaining a tamer set of lower intakes, although it does use more chrome trim. Also softened is the sharp character line, which now terminates just before the cut for the back of the rear door. From what we can see, the taillights are identical to those from the concept, and the wheels – while smaller – are pretty close to what we saw last year.

Stay tuned for the full details on the 2013 XTS, and live pictures from the car’s official debut next week at the L.A. Auto Show.

Source: Cadillac

I don't understand why every publication that ran this image neglected to mention the roofline is completely different. The Platinum concept used a 4-window greenhouse, and this production version utilizes a 6-window design. That's a pretty huge difference. There hasn't been a 6-window Cadillac for decades and is completely different than the CTS, STS, DTS, et al.
Evan McCausland
Hard to get reliability indications from a spy photo. Our long-term Four Seasons updates do address any reliability issues we encounter with a given test vehicle.
Accidental releases, spy photos etc. It's all marketing BS. Car magazines are just marketing, which is why you never read about reliability issues in car mags. Everything is always great, nothing has enough power. Wash, rinse, repeat.
I thought Cadillac was planning to discontinue the DTS. But if it's not going to be the flagship rather a complementary car to the CTS than it's all right. One is sporty the other more conservative. I prefer tauter, sportier cars so I'm for the CTS. But I do agree the CTS could use a more refined design language.
Sir, From it's conception, Cadillac was very clear in stating that the XTS is not slated to be the flagship sedan. The purpose this vehicle is to appease some of their clients. It is also cheaper to built thus they are able to try out newer technology such as the "CUE". As for my opinion on the car, I feel that this is a very good replacement for the DTS. I think that with the car's optional AWD and luxury over sporty nature will give the Cadillac brand a little more diversity and attract new customers who were put off by the ultra angular and brutish CTS.
Could we stop pretending car companies "accidentally unveil" their new models a few weeks before their official release. We all know it's part of the PR campaine. As for the car, a disappointment. I was expecting a 7-series competitor but this is just a lame duck DTS replacement. It's a throwback to the 80's when american car companies still thought big floaty cars were the way to go.

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