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Jason Cammisa

Welcome to our newest online feature -- Blogs!

We think you'll enjoy hearing unfiltered commentary directly from our editors, and so we've set up a number of different categories of posts to lead you right to what you want to hear.

You're going to see a whole lot of blogging going on here at AutomobileMag.com.; Why?; Well, 'cause automotive journalists are big mouths.; We have a lot to say - way too much to ever fit in a monthly magazine.;

We're going to be making entries in the following main categories:

    Car Ramblings & Reviews:; This is the place for contributors to talk unapologetically about cars. If we've driven something cool that you need to know about, it'll be here.; Likewise, if we hated something, we will;moan about it here first. Editors' Soapbox:; We're an opinionated bunch, and we like to go on rants about all kinds of stuff.; Watch out for flying rhetoric! Features:; The E! True Hollywood Story of Automobile.; Lots of behind-the-scenes info on features that we've done.; Future Cars:; The Automobile online crystal ball. We'll tell ya what we know. Gear:; Here we can talk about all kinds of stuff to help you show the world what a car freak you really are. Hoonery & Hooliganism:; When no one's looking, we do donuts in Rolls Royces.; Surely you want to hear about it, right? Motorsports:; Just because we don't spend too much time discussing racing in the magazine doesn't mean we're not passionate about motorsports. Tech Talk:; The geek lounge.; Get the pocket protectors and calculators out!

We hope that you find the new blogs to be a cool insight into some of the personalities here at Automobile -- and we welcome your feedback.


Jason Cammisa, Senior Online Editor

I'm a chinese autofan.I'm so happy to get here.
We don't plough here, we plow our way through. There is no such thing as undertaking until you're dead. Those in the left lane who are not engaged in passing are properly referred to as Left Lane Bandits. There's little than can be done with them. I've discovered that a bit of patience is more effective than flashing lights, trailing too closely, and cutting them off when they finally take their rightful place in the slow lane. Out, ds
this will be GREAT! i would love to read your day to day reports on your long-term vehicles. cut loose, folks!
Hey All, I'm relatively new to the driving scene on this side of the pond, and I have to tell you, getting used to the American take on lane discipline is going to take some time. Undertake on a UK freeway and you'll get some choice handsignals from the undertakee. And the close attentions of any lurking Feds. Occupy the wrong lane of a German autobahn for too long and there's every chance you'll be atomised by an only slightly sub-supersonic 911 Turbo. Here in Michigan, though, you can plough on regardless, just so long as there's nothing immediately in front. For my part, I feel like apologising for every bovine wanderer in the fast line as I slink up the inside. And I'm not happy sitting in the middle lane, either. I guess part of it is, I haven't yet learned to trust Michiganders not to move over without looking (or signalling). But I have yet to see that happen. So here's the thing: does the total freedom to use whatever lane you choose whenever you please actually make for more responsible drivers? Am

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