Watch A Week's Worth Of Diesel Truck Challenges

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You may prefer to watch a sports car run laps around the ‘Ring than a modified diesel pickup truck rolling coal at a tractor pull, but we have to admit: Diesel Power Magazine’s week-long Diesel Power Challenge is a spectacle to behold.

The contest pits nine extensively customized Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Dodge pickups against one another through a series of abusive tests. The first day’s dyno run seemed like cakewalk compared to the 1/8-mile drag race with a loaded trailer, a ¼-mile head-to-head drag race, and the ultimate test: pulling a tractor pull weight sled.

Turbos blow. Transmissions fail. Driveshafts snap. Physics are defied. Don’t believe me on that last point? One modified Cummins-powered Ram HD manages to blitz through a quarter-mile in 10 seconds and crosses the line at just shy of 130 mph. Watch all the power (and carnage) below.

DAY 1: Dyno Pulls

DAY 2: 1/8 Mile Trailer Drag, Obstacle Course

DAY 3: 1/4 Mile Drag

DAY 4: Sled Pull

DAY FIVE: Awards

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