Washington State Troopers Bump Up Enforcement of Passing Lane Law

While it’s safe to say that most states have some kind of law regarding the left lane on highways, enforcing those laws usually fall low on the list of priorities for most state highway patrols. The Washingon State Patrol (WSP), however, recently bucked that trend and has been targeting slowpoke drivers in the left lane.

According to a report by KING 5 News, state troopers last month pulled over 223 offenders just in King County alone. Troopers let 199 lucky drivers off with just a warning. Most drivers claimed that they were unaware Washington state had a “keep right except when passing” law.

The WSP states that driving continuously and below the speed limit in the left lane is considered a traffic infraction and violators may be fined up to $124. They are also concerned about accidents caused by drivers who aggressive pass from lane to lane to get around slower drivers.

Most states have rules similar to Washington state. Are you aware of your state’s law regarding the rules of the left lane?

Source: KING 5 News


Every state should be as vigilant as Washington. Good for them!
Amusingly I was just stuck behind some ahole with Washington plates the other day, pacing the car next to her for mile after mile. Eventually I passed her on the burm. As I looked in my rearview she was making arm gestures to the car next to her, apparently astounded that I would pass her. Some people are just stupid.

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