Want a 2012 Toyota GT 86? That’ll Run You $43,000…Maybe

Toyota’s GT 86 and Subaru’s BRZ sport coupes were supposed to be sporty cars that were built for the masses, but a new report says the new cars might squeeze the wallet a bit more than originally thought.

We say “might” because the BRZ and GT 86’s prices haven’t been officially announced. Autocar is reporting, however, that they’ve learned that the GT 86 will cost less than 28,000 British pounds, which equates to about $43,000 in today’s exchange rates. It reports that the final British price will be roughly £25,000, or about $39,000.

If the GT 86, likely badged the Scion FR-S, does cost $39,000, it’ll greatly exceed the price of its competitors. Keep in mind that the base Subaru Impreza WRX STI costs about $34,000, and a base Mazda MX-5 Miata costs $23,190, while a Volkswagen GTI costs $23,695 in base guise, and a Mazdaspeed 3 costs $24,000 from stock.

If there’s a glimmer of hope for cheap performance fans, it’s that the British/American currency conversion rate tends to skew prices quite a lot. That WRX STI will cost a whopping $52,223 in British dealers, while the MX-5 will cost $30,868, the GTI will cost $39,500, and the Mazdaspeed 3--badged as the Mazda 3 MPS--will cost $36,190 at current exchange rates.

What does all of this math mean? Well, using Toyota’s competitors as a barometer, it wouldn’t seem out of character for a GT 86 to cost less than 30 grand--perhaps hitting the magic $25,000 mark--when it goes on sale in the United States.

We won’t know if these predictions are correct for some time, so before then, feel free to let us know what you think of the affordable super coupe in the comments below.

Source: Autocar

Shana Arno
As I already own a 2010 Furious Fuschia SRT8...very limited...only 400 made and only 220 in the US...I would DEFINITELY buy this Toyota. It's a very HOT car...for driving every day.
For 50k you can get better cars for that price. And you know in the states that because it is a foreign car it will be more expensive.
For mE, how would you know that it is going to be a lot less than the toyobaru? The Price listings haven't come out yet, and as for eric, I'm not stupid i know there is a crowd that follows the Genesis, and it seems as if you assume that i am oblivious to the car itself. I didn't say there aren't tuners that like the Genesis. Pick up any tuner magazine and you will find little on the genesis compared to other said vehicles (this may be probably due to the age of the car itself) and lastly 22,300 people is not a lot people. Compare the number of genesis fans according to the fans of all other said cars. You can go on any Mazda, Toyota, Volkswagon, or any other JDM forum and try to argue with them. Again I'm not saying its a bad car, just visit importfest, or even look further into the import scene, the amount of genesis mods are next to nothing compared to the others. (Again this might be because the car itself is a young one)
Aaron - "I don't feel the the Genesis offers the same excitement to an amateur tuner compared to all the other said vehicles." You may want to discuss that with the 22,300+ members over on the GenCoupe.com forums.
If you want a car with a lot of power that handles like crap and is overweight, get a Mustang. Talking about Hp without talking about weight is pointless.
I thought Americans travelling abroad eating McDonalds food was a stereotype.
for $50K, you could get a good used Z06, and run with the grown ups.
The whole tuner industry is in the toilet anyway. The Coupe 3.8 for next spring will have GDI and a huge power boost from 306, better suspension, still Brembos for the track edition. The 3.8 will now be at 350 hp, the lighter turbo 4 will be 275hp, all for a LOT less than these Toyobarus, AND with a 10 year warranty. It's going to take a lot of money and a huge hit in reliability to get these cars tuned to the level of the Hyundais. Toyota, Subaru and Honda were all caught sleeping 5 years ago in the planning stages by discounting Hyundai. I think you'll see the Veloster become the big tuner car in the next 5 years.
Same old boring interior you find in 99% of todays cars.Black, grey or tan,thats all there is,You are also lucky if you get 6 exterior color choices.I hate seeing "my car" 12 times a day.These will look great in the recall line at the dealership.For 50 k I can buy something with better quality/performance.For 25 I would take a look,but too underpowered(can we say VW?).There are enough nut cases out there they will sell a few lol
You are definitely right, too each his own. the GT-86 is meant to be a tuners car, and i find that i enjoy all other said cars over the Genesis. Again it is not a bad car, it is in many ways an excellent car. I understand that many people choose to keep their car stock, but I have a passion for tuning cars, and raising the potential of an already set production vehicle. I do not enjoy stock vehicles because I think a stock production vehicle does not do it justice. Again to each his own, but i find a thrill and sometimes an adventure in aftermarket tuners. Being a JDM fanatic I respect many professional and competitive tuners, but I always look the streets to find any passionate creativity, and I don't feel that the Genesis offers the same excitement to an amateur tuner compared to all the other said vehicles. Again to each his own, you have very excellent points and they are accurate.
jeff masters
Well Steve handling is important in the ALPS no matter how slow the vehicle is. Eric please speak to Justin LOL parts and insurance for a ten year old car ?? as against latest tech for 25 grand, if you can jostle your way to the front of lineup of hairdressers dying to be the first one seen in it!
This is why nobody reads automobile mag anymore, because of sensational articles like these. We all know that cars "cost" more in Britian. Hell I went there and a big Mac meal was £5 which is damn near $10 in the USA! Get over yourself
For the record, the 3.8 Genesis coupe is not a turbo. It's a 306HP naturally aspirated car off the showroom floor. I'd rather take that than waste my time buying a 250HP car and having to "tune" it with several thousand dollars more in AF mods and wave goodbye to my warranty just to compete. Sorry, this is a no brainer. I also find the slight fishtail from the RWD torque in the Genesis coupe WAY more fun than the torque steer in "tuned" FWD torque steer cars you judge to be more fun. But to each his own I guess. Not sure how that works. Lastly, the Genesis coupe may not be the very top tuners choice, but it's certainly on many tuners' lists. Just ask the professional SEMA builders at Rhys Millen Racing, ArkPerformance, and AQ Motorsports.
If it costs 50K I would rather get a dodge charger srt8 and just blow that car right out of the water with it. 50k gets you a bmw, a mercedes. Worst marketing plan ever if it costs 50k USD.
If the starting price is over $25,000, Toyota has guaranteed itself an uphill battle. The competition offers superior products for less. Good luck!
This was a FAIL as soon as I seen the Horsepower and torque numbers. If it cost more than 25k loaded then its a big EFF FAIL! Really who cares how good it handles if its SLOWER than HELL!
The Genesis is a nice vehicle, but the 3.8l turbo is WAYYY to heavy to be a good tuner car. Then again it has a struggling interior and has chassis problems. The Genesis is a nice car, but its not a preferred tuners choice. All the cars mentioned above prove to be better "fun" cars that are more "playable" Power is not always optimal, its the marriage of all components that make a car. People often times forget that
This is an apples and oranges comparison. Just because it 25k British pounds does not translate directly to the US$ equivalent. UK prices usually are all inclusive much like everywhere in Europe which means its the final price with taxes and registration added. The Brits have always complained that the same car in the US has a 1 to 1 correlation in price. Meaning 25k Bp is $25k here in the US.
Curious how often the mention of import performance comparos leaves out the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Available with 306hp, RWD, 4 seats, 6-sp manual transmission, Brembo brakes (track edition) for right around the $30K mark. Yet the Mazda MX-5 (2 seater with less HP), the Mazdaspeed3 (FWD with less HP), and the GTI with less HP all get named here. Is this an objective look at performance for the dollar or a pedigree contest? Enthusiasts don't need to wait to pay $10K more for a Toyota/Subaru experiment. The Genesis coupe delivers excellent performance and value TODAY.
Fail. The Genesis 3.8 Coupe Track edition will run circles around these things all day for a LOT less. The Veloster turbo has the same specs, and will likely come in at half this price. They need to get this below $25K to make any sense in the US market.
Rarely has a price in UK pounds ever translated to the equivalent US dollars... From this article, my guess is that this car will start at $28,000 US dollars... , which prices it below the Sti and Golf R, its main competitors....
Isn't compact rear drive fastback sports cars already covered by Nissan 350Z and Hyundai Genesis Coupe? Why sudden interest in Toyota/Subaru? All magazines are treating this as second coming of brand new concept which does not exist in today's market. And I know for sure Nissan and Hyundai's models are NOT big sellers, and similar cars of the past (Supra comes to my mind) was never big success. I don't know if there is market for this kind of car... Even if there is, definitely not beyond prices of $30000.
If given one for free I'd sell it for something better, not interesting at all given its competition especially by it's own companies who make it! I don't think it will be nearly as successful of a car as all the hype is trying to make it out to be. I'll stick with my AWD '03 RS6 that comfortably seats 4 (squeeze in 5) with 550+HP (easy to get there from stock of 450 HP with ECU tuning and some exhaust work) and continue to beat the pants off things like the GT 86 and BRZ!
Lol check out prices on other new cars uk v USA etc. The exchange rate does not carry in terms of car prices.

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