VW CEO wants Bulli for US showrooms

Jonathan Browning, president and CEO of Volkswagen of America, is keen to bring the subcompact Bulli to the United States. The Bulli concept, shown in February at the Geneva Motor Show, is the spiritual successor to the Microbus. "Bulli is number one on my unfunded projects list," Browning told Automobile Magazine yesterday, acknowledging that, despite his desire, the vehicle isn't approved yet.

Browning believes the funky small car woulde be instrumental in keeping the youthful spirit of the brand alive. Simple lines, a blunt nose, and short overhangs recall the 1950s Type 2 (and 2001 Microbus concept) that serves as the Bulli's inspiration, but the modern concept is a much different vehicle in dimensions and packaging. Roughly the size of a Nissan Cube, the Bulli shrinks more than 20 inches in length compared to the original Microbus and only offers seating for six on its front and rear bench seats. While the electric concept draws power from a 40-kWh battery, a production Bulli would likely be driven by small four-cylinders running on gas or diesel.

Do you want to see the subcompact Bulli in the U.S.? Sound off in the comments below.

It's not the Vanagon. I don't get why VW isn't bring that back. It was so popular, and there are so many websites dedicated to it's following..... The Vanagon, the Microbus.... come on.... they were roomy and large - the bulli isn't. Bring back a classic.
The art of simplicity, yet technilogically advanced. Very utilitarian. I love it and want it, to replace my 2008 rabbit in 2014. Please bring it to the US. Better yet make it here!
Steve in Austin
I want DAS Auto! Show me the Fahrvergn├╝gen - NOW! Seriosuly, I haven't bought a VW since my 1988 Fox (great car!), and would buy one of these today!!!
Billy Razzle
I like the 2001 concept MUCH better. This one doesn't even have a flat front end!
My sentiments, exactly!
This looks like something I would definitely consider buying. But I don't buy until I can drive... so PLEASE bring it to the US!!
I love the redesign and the exploration of electric drive, but this vehicle is too small to succeed the original versatile bus. How about we just dump the Routan and bring the TDI T6. That is ready to go and we could be driving it now. The awesome mileage of that van could set it apart from the competition. Look at how popular the mercedes sprinter vans are because they get good mpg. The T6 is just a slightly smaller, better mpg version of that.
Allen Rideout
Yes, I do recommend that... Bulli cargo van , panel van. Just like ford transit.
The US market needs a reasonably priced utility vehicle with 40+mpg capability so bring on the 2.0TDI with manual transmission. I have a small service business which requires a commitment to storage space. VW would enhance it's success with this platform by providing 1.) a stripper model priced slightly below the current Jetta sportwagen and 2.) the concept as presented for the commuter and frequent local family transportation. 3.) TDI/auto or manual trans + with upgrade packages for those who would utilize it for vacations and camping. One of the options should be the good old Pop top from the past. It's a beautiful concept to create a multi-use vehicle.
I would agree with AV & SW that the TDI and manual trans are the hot torque & eco setup for the Bulli. Eco from the ownership standpoint that is, where-as the EV option will be expensive and take years to recoup. I could handle 50 mpg, even at $8/gal. Yes CP, even circular LED surround headlights would be cool! No, we do not need it larger. Then everything scales-up with the size and the concept is lost. Got fat kids to haul? Buy the Routan...
Joining in with the chorus here: bring this in a TDI manual! And make sure of one thing: that the seat pitch front-rear is sufficient to mount a rear-facing baby seat in the back. Those thin bench seats would allow that, but swapping them for typical buckets would rule it out as a family car.
Chris Parker
The original concept van was bigger and should be kept that size for a camper model, which made these vans famous. How about some more original styling like the round headlights on the new bug, and a more rounded V shape in front ?
VW Bulli Club
Bring it to the US please!
Paul Baribeau
I am a carpenter and this Is what I have been looking for since the seventies. It would re-energize the brand.
Dan Avery
This vehicle immediately caught my interest, but mainly because of the electric power and claimed range per charge. I could still be interested if it had a backup generator as per Chevy Volt, but no interest at all powered strictly with a gas or diesel engine.
stewart W
Like the seating for 6, but bring with a manual and TDI!
Well, it is April Fool's Day, and people thinking VW wants to bring this to the U.S. market equipped and priced as a utllity vehicle, with contractors rowing through the gears on a narrow powerband TDI, must be kidding. Maybe Bulli has a chance in the U.S. if it's off the NMS architecture and can be built in Chattanooga.
Yes, and as A. Vass states, the two items absolutely critical to success are availibility in first release of a TDI and manual transmission. Without these, it becomes another chic car ala EOS, Mini, and Golf convertible. Bring the real one on!
J.C. Sweet
Yes, bring this delightful little utility vehicle to the U.S.
Albert Vass
Yes, I want to see this car in the USA and I hope they will offer the 2.0 TDI engine with a manual tranmission. Also they should make a model with only two front seats so we can use it for a utility vehicle because thanks to VW of America the utility modells are totally missing from the US market.

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