Volvo Closing Convertible Plant in 2013, Will The C70 Survive?

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As the days get shorter, the sun could be setting altogether for the Volvo C70. Volvo announced it will shutter the plant where the hardtop convertible is made in 2013, potentially spelling the end for the model.

The plant in question is located in Uddevalla, Sweden, and is dedicated to producing the C70 convertible. It’s co-owned by Volvo Cars and Italian design firm Pininfarina S.p.A. While a partnership like this could spell success, the plant is only producing 10,000 cars a year, about 65 percent of its production capacity and well below the volumes it would need to be profitable. As such, Volvo announced today it will buy out Pininfarina’s stake in the Uddevalla plant and close it in 2013.

Will this mean the end of the quirky Swedish drop-top? No one is quite sure. Volvo Car Corporation CEO Stefan Jacoby said in a statement that “we will now look into when a next generation Volvo convertible can be on the market and where it should be manufactured.” Volvo Cars of North America representatives told us the future of the C70 is up in the air, but mentioned there is some space in Volvo’s factories in Belgium and Sweden for a future convertible.

Is it worth it? Sales of the C70 have trailed slightly in recent years. Volvo sold 5563 convertibles in 2008, but only 4032 C70s found new American homes so far this year. Keep in mind, however, that the C70 volumes did regularly meet or exceed those of the late S40 and C30.

We’ll leave the answer up to you: should the turbocharged Swedish convertible survive after 2013? Let us know, yay or nay, in the comments below.

Source: Volvo

Ned McDermott
I traded my 2009 C70, with only 17,000 miles , in for a 2011 fully equiped C70. It had a sticker price of $47,000. Why? I saw the news release from the Frankfurt Auto show that introduced and illistrated Volvo's 2011 model with a red cranberry leather interior matched with a black exterior and with styling upgrades. For those who recall quality U.S.A. convertibles, that color combination was the classic color combination for early Cadillac and Ford soft tops. In addition the body changes for the 2011 C70 reflected a classy Italian styling that is outstanding. Wherever I travel, I am told that my prized Volvo C70 is the most beautiful convertible that they have ever seen! I love it especially since it is everything that I was promised by Volvo.Everything works perfectly including the steel hardtop. It too has the Scandinavian hardwood interior inserts that adds to its beauty and uniqueness. As stated above, it has every option that Volvo offered including larger wheels, tires, BLIS, 12 speaker satilite hi-fi, back-up warning system, special headlight features, etc,,,, These special features are a bargain compared to similar features offered by other European manufactures such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, VW, etc. I think it would be a dreadful marketing mistake to discontinue it! It just needs more promotion for customers to realize how excellent it already is. Please pass on my comments to the new Chinese owners. It is an automotive gem and must be continued. Ned McDermott Marmora, NJ U.S.A.
Just spoke with a Volvo dealer last Friday and test drove the C70. Great leg room, roomy interior and the trunk space was bigger than other hardtops. I was told to get the 09 model or newer as they have Bluetooth and USB ports, wheras the 08 and older do not
Is the hard top convertible durable? Are there any issues with the hard top? I am considering buying a 2008..
E. A.
Yes the C70 should survive. The C70 is the best looking hard top convertible on the road. All the others have no flow between the top and the rear deck. The others look like they just put a top on the car without considering how it looks and the rest all seem to put the trunk lid opening long the side of the car where it is unsightly.
R Mathur
This is a very good looking car, and my wife's favourite car, specially in metallic-black paint! I recently took a photo of this, and it truly looks no less than a BMW or a Merc convertible. Its a sad reality, most volvo buyers like the space & comfort in volvo cars, we have a V50 & an XC90, being a coupe/convertible, the C70 is slightly less practical than these. Its a beautiful car, and I don't plan to let my family know about tis article, they will all be sad! :_-(
Eddie Y.
I purchased a 2012 C70 this summer and so far it is the best vehicle I've ever owned. I love the styling both inside and out, it drives wonderfully (maybe not fast enough for a sports car enthusiast, but great for me), and the build quality is superb. On the inside you'd never know it's a convertible when the top is up. It was in a sweet spot that fit my needs perfectly: more of a "luxury" car than the Chrysler 200 or VW EOS hardtops, but significantly less than the Mercedes Benz, Lexus, or other high-end models. I'll be sad to see it go if it is indeed discontinued.
K. Frank Cash
Volvo should absolutely keep producing the C70 convertible. It's one of the most beautiful models in their line and, since they are no longer going to make wagons, it is the only remaining model I will consider buying in the future. I have a V50 that is one of the best cars I have ever owned. I am truly sorry Volvo has decided to replace the passenger wagons with SUV's - a BIG mistake in my opinion.

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