Volkswagen Wants More Incentives for Diesels


Volkswagen is trying to send a message to the federal government telling it to get with the times, as the automaker is urging regulators to back diesels up with more incentives, reports The Detroit News.

At a forum on the future of diesel vehicles, VW expressed its disapproval on the way regulators are undermining diesel vehicles by only offering tax credits and other incentives, such as carpool lane access and free parking, to hybrids and electric vehicles, but not diesels. Owners of diesel vehicles are instead penalized; 15 states impose additional taxes on diesel vehicles. VW is pushing hard to try and lower the federal diesel fuel tax, and suggests the least the government could do is allow single-drivers in carpool lanes since it would cost them nothing and boost diesel sales.

In addition, VW is urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to change the way it goes about calculating combined city/highway fuel mileage. The current ratio is weighted 55 percent city testing and 45 percent highway, which a VW exec doesn’t think reflects "real world driving." Diesels have a much longer range on the highway, and VW is trying to prove that they're just as good on the highway as hybrids. The EPA said in 2012 that it didn't give diesels additional credits because they don't achieve "zero or near-zero emissions and oil consumption," however, VW claims its newer TDI engines have dramatically reduced carbon emissions.

Should diesel vehicles receive incentives similar to those available for hybrids and EVs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: The Detroit News

Let VW compare the tailpipe emissions of its diesels to the vehicles that get EPA and selective state subsidies, like Prius plug-in hybrid and the Ford Fusion Energi.  'Cleaner than they used to be' diesel still isn't clean by AT-PZEV standards.

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