Volkswagen considers bringing subcompact Polo to US

2008 Volkswagen Polo

America's growing affinity for fuel-sipping subcompacts is leading more automakers to consider offering them.; The latest, Volkswagen, is toying with the notion of bringing its Polo hatchback to the U.S.

The Polo, primarily a staple of VW's European lineup, is smaller than the Rabbit, measuring closer in size to Honda's Fit. Most Polos make use of small-displacement motors, typically either a 1.4-liter I-3 or a 2.0-liter I-4.

Volkswagen Group of America president Stefan Jacoby acknowledged the company is considering importing the Polo, but admitted no definite timetable is set.; Another VW representative mentioned that a U.S. version would likely come after a complete redesign, which would be necessary for differing safety standards.

Source: Bloomberg

Yeah,please bring the Polo to the US,great car for commuting.Make sure we'll get one with the diesel engine option. I drove one of these Polos in europe,with five people and bags to the roof.The 1 liter engine took its time to get up to highway speed,but once there,no problem whatsoever.Fuel economy,lets just say 750 km with a tank of gasoline.
I really will buy a VW anyday, I dont care what Mr.Rees have to said about his bad luck. Sorry for your luck. They are greate cars and again I WILL Buy a POLO that way i will have almos the hole VW lineup.
I wish they would bring the polo here. All the cars in their current lineup weigh over 3000 lbs and get only about 25 MPG.(except the diesels) If they bring it here, I would consider buying one. J.A.
I think they should wait a couple of years to be sure and allow the competition to respond first, eliminating any advantage that they may have have now.Then, with the sure vision of an opportunity lost, spend billions on plants in the US and US-only model modifications to chase now vastly diminished sales potential and strive for single digit market share.In the end, declare Americans 'too stupid for your products', shut the plants and write off the billions in a euro-scammy tax loophole, leaving the market to a fast-moving, focused, asian company.
VW need to work on their customer service first. View my VW experience here: Rees

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