V2G Hybrids, Electric Vehicles Could Feed Power to Electric Grid

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Paying for parking is an everyday annoyance, but owners of hybrid and electric vehicles could potentially be paid to park. A new system could allow owners of such vehicles plug into the electric grid and earn extra cash.

At last week's annual American Association for the Advancement of Science convention, researchers showed off the AC Propulsion e-Box -- essentially, an electrified Scion xB. While that may seem special enough, it was soon revealed that the car was capable of functioning in a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) manner.

"This is the first vehicle that's ever been paid to participate in the grid -- the first proof of concept vehicle," said Ken Huber, technical development director at PJM Interconnector.

In theory, V2G vehicles could -- when plugged in -- feed energy stored within their battery packs back into the electric grid. V2G vehicles would need to be plugged into a so-called "smartgrid," which allows an electric utility to manage the entire grid. When the grid needs more power to combat a surge, the power could potentially be tapped from hybrids and EVs instead of traditional powerplants. Owners could then potentially receive credits for their vehicles' involvement.

"It's a technology that is very good at meeting a need we have, and there's growing interest among auto companies to develop V2G vehicles," said Willett Kempton, leader of the University of Delaware's V2G project. Reportedly, BMW, Renault/Nissan, and Mitsubishi are all interested in developing V2G-capable vehicles.

Source: Yahoo News

Cobaltblu: good points on the life-cycle of batteries, especially given the charge-discharge cycles they'll be privy to.That said, some automakers -- I believe it was Think and possible even ProjectBetterPlace -- had once suggested that once a pack's memory renders the pack ineffective for auto use, they could be grouped together for other energy storage. It's an interesting idea, anyways -- whether or not it will be viable remains to be seen.
Looks like people are still shilling snake oil. 1. Has any Electric Utility validated the payout or benefit for V2G? Most utilities only need help during peak hours of 3-8 pm, which is when most people need their cars charged, not dischaged.2. The service life and reliability of car batteries will be reduced if it's cycled more often. So unless the batteries can be treated as a tax deducting depreciating asset, the economic benefit of selling your battery power is questionable.

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