Two New Hues For New Limited-Edition Cadillac CTS-V Models

An all-new Cadillac CTS is just around the corner, but that’s not stopping Cadillac from tinkering with the outgoing second-generation model.  Two new special-edition twists on the supercharged CTS-V are set to launch next month.

First up: the CTS-V Silver Frost. As the name implies, this model bathes the CTS-V’s angular sheetmetal in a matte silver paint (note: GM says it’s durable, but must be hand-washed). Cadillac’s only offering this paint package on the CTS-V coupe, and limiting total production to 100 cars. The Silver Frost treatment adds $4000 to the CTS-V coupe’s base price of $65,410, but the final vehicle price may vary slightly depending on the inclusion of other optional equipment. 

Silver Frost cars are expected to arrive at dealers in early March – at that time, dealers will begin taking orders for the second limited-edition CTS-V. The Stealth Blue cars boast a unique periwinkle-esque hue that, unlike the Silver Frost paint, has a gloss metallic finish. If so desired, buyers can also add the unique “Twilight Blue” leather seating shown here.

The Stealth Blue package tacks on an extra $6200 to the $65,410 price tag of a CTS-V coupe, sedan or wagon. GM says the package is limited in volume, but a definite volume target has yet to be announced.

If you want the Stealth Blue color on a budget, the same package -- sans Twilight Blue leather accents – is also available on the standard CTS coupe. On these cars, the package adds $4400 to the CTS coupe’s base price of $30,905.

Source: Cadillac

Dennis Rusch
Paint it any color you wish but at the end of the's still just a cadillac.
Keith Jones
Scott Carmichael
hideous, looks like someone spray painted it in their garage.
Steve Kellogg
Mark Bitterlich
MBZ Copy, check Matt finish on C63 black series!
Jared Topilko
Jay Lissner
Color yuck car cool.
Linda Ellis
Wonder if it cost $19.95?
Linda Ellis
There's another name for that color... Earl Scheib blue...
i choose: TEXAS.MOTOR.SPEEDWAY (* O.Bruton.Smith *)
superamerica_lusso (that's what i'm watching on tv right now. that's all i do is think about cars)
http://domani è il mio compleanno. 16 febbraio
Rob Yurksaitis
What a way to RUIN a hot car
ciao, bello.  Penso di essere ossessionato dal dino. purtroppo, ferrari ha detto che non ci sarebbe stato un altro dino. che propongo il mio schizzo per la Superamerica, se non il daytona. Penso che il marchio più forte del patrimonio netto si trova in dino. io vi scambi per il mio marchio registrato negli Stati Uniti. RIVOLUZIONE....
CAMERA: d'ove la banca? d'ove l'autorimessa? ( * i am fluent in italian. i am confused. does camera mean room/chamber> *)
Jason Lee
I saw a matte yellow one in downtown Seattle yesterday...
ciao, bello.
Christy Hopkins
I don't like the matte blue at all. I can only hope it looks better in person.
Marc Hamady
Michael Busacco
Baron Doss
Ehhh... :(
Lee Klein
Carl Mitchell
Looks like it spent years fading in the Arizona sun. Like a 1976 Plymouth Volare.
Conrad Zumhagen
Not much.
Jesse R. Collin
not a good shade of blue. needs to be darker
Roy J. Adams
I'm guessing you don't wax matte paint?
Richard Edwards
No, bad move. Next thing they will do is dent it or add rust.
Gregory Easton
BMW offers this on one of their "M" models at extra cost with a long list of foreign matter & liquids that will permanently ruin the matte finish... Looks cool but high maintenance.
Tom Cormie
I literally spent 15 years trying to make the paint job glossier. I don't get it.
Thomas Trost
I like it too!
Jerry L Coburn
Give it to me on an ATS...i like the new white better.
Josue Rodriguez
A charcoal gray or black would've done the trick not this blue with the black wheels. It still doesn't make up for the fact that this 2nd gen CTS is in its sixth year of production, even though it still looks good its time for the next one already!
Erik Summa
When you run out of ideas...
Steve Hermeyer
Uh, no. Not a wise choice.
Randy Horseman
Hmm. why not a matte gray or black? id still rock it. those things are NASTY!
Chris Story
Chrome and Matte? No. This looks ridiculous!
Mitch Jackson
Looks like it was spray painted. Not something I would want on a $60,000 car...
Steve Yelich
I like it!
Dale Gardner
Orin O'Neill
Jeez, this matte paint thing is SO past its sell-by date...
Jim Bur
Matte is ok, color chosen is AWFUL!!
Carl Edwards
that's gotta be one of the most hideous colors since the purple Dart. I love Caddy's but someone lost it on this one.
Fonzo Ro Ma
The matte finish is ok but the wheels are not Cadillac
Jay Foster
Bring it on
Scott Dodson
How about a matte black ????????
Jose Reynaga
John Johur
You chose a press release on a Cadillac model to post about the Ferrari Dino? WTH? Don't you have any social media you can access where you live? Do you like posting to yourself in Italian?

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