Toyota Prius Creates Controversy for John McCain

Automobile Staff
Sen. John Mccain At A Townhall Meeting With Gm Employees

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is taking some unexpected heat over his daughter’s Toyota Prius.

Normally, owning a Prius would be a political asset, a convenient way to display environmental awareness. Indeed, McCain told The New York Times last year that he bought his daughter a Prius as a way to personally address global warming (although he thought it was called a “Peer-uss”).

But now, with Michigan considered a key battleground state, McCain is waffling on the Prius purchase. “Actually, I think she bought it,” McCain said after a Detroit newscaster asked him why he would choose a Japanese hybrid over an American alternative. That was not a good enough answer for UAW president Ron Gettelfinger, who said McCain’s Prius flip-flop raised a “credibility issue” and questioned McCain’s “level of support.”

The beleaguered American auto industry has already been enjoying a moment in the political spotlight. Both presidential candidates have pledged their support for direct government loans to GM, Ford, and Chrysler, and Congress may approve an aid package within the next few months. Does it matter to you if McCain bought a foreign car or is this just an overblown controversy? Let us know what you think.

Source: Detroit Free Press

who cares what car his daughter drives, people love to gossip about non sense stuff.
why would anyone buy an American car ? They suck - let the companies fail it's not the consumer's fault. I thought we wanted an "intelligent" President. Buying a Toyota product is an intelligent choice cuz the American equivalent is junk. I am sick of this buy American - even if it's crap. How about build quality and then we'll buy it. Otherwise buy quality like Toyota and save yourself a lot of problems and money.
McClain speaks of Country first-America first. We are in a recession. How can you speak of America/Country first and buy foreign. This man wants to lead our country and like it or not he and his FAMILY should have an obligation to put AMERICANS and their jobs first. Don't just use 'Country First' as a slogan just to get votes. He should mean what he says in every aspect. As you might not know it is bigger than just buying a car. It is giving hard working people a shot at the American dream. The $20K he or she spent on the foreign car is someone's salary to feed their family. Running a country is a little more than its constituents taking "another government class." You truly have to have love and commitment for America not just knowledge.
Are the dumb dems so afraid of the sudden upsurge in the polls of McCain and Palin that they have to go after the choice of cars that McCains daughter drives? I think a more important question would by what kinds of friends, acquaintences and mentors Barak Obuma has chosen. Are you equating the Prius driven by McCains daughter with the choice (note Choice) of minister who says "God Damn the USA" that Barak Hussain Obama made. Or the mentor Barak Hussein Obama chose (note chose) in William Ayres, who tried to blow up several Government buildings?After all, it was McCain's daughter who made this choice, not McCain. The Dems make big talk about protecting the environment and reducing our dependence on foriegn oil; but when it comes down to it, a choise of an automobile that does both is an opportunity to paint McCain with a bad brush.By the way, when you paint the average room with the average interior house paint, you create more pollution than the Prius creates driving from Nome to Miami.Tote
It should be of no concern to anyone, the vehicle that John McCain or his daughter drives. It does not matter what vehicle any candidate drives. Their campaigns are about the Presidency! If you feel his choice in vehicles has anything to do with the way he will run this country, than you seriously need to take another government class, to brush up on what the government does! I DO NOT think that tax payers should loan GM, Ford, or Chrysler any money to bail them out. We bail them out and they will close down more factories and move them to other, cheaper parts of the world. What the government needs to do, is ban them from farming out their jobs to other countries. Bring the jobs back to the states. The big 3, also needs to get off of their butts and design vehicles that Americans want. McCain's daughter drives a Prius, good for her, she wanted a reliable car that gets good gas mileage. Bring quality and design back to our cars. GM, Ford, and Chrysler need to clean house, get rid of the overlap vehicles and companies and streamline the entire business. We do not need 3 or 4 of the same vehicle rebadged and "redesigned" We only need one Durango, one Solstice, one Caravan, one Liberty, one Silverado, one Tahoe, one Fusion, one Escape, etc. If you want to make a profit, streamline and get rid of the crap that isnt selling or is eating into another "bread winners" profits. There will always be niche vehicles that make a very small profit if any. Both candidates talk about change, well if you want a change, rather than bailing out the big 3, and charge the tax payers, stop them from shipping over seas and CHANGE their line ups.
I would like to get hold of someone on the editorial staff regarding "green vehicles".Please have someone contact me via e-mail as follows:Merv
By the way John McCain DRIVES a CADILLAC!! Whether he purchased the vehicle or not is really not relevant nor is the fact that his daughter is apparently a very smart lady.
Oh and J Powers, they are not his homes, they belong to his wife, ya yutz.
It is his daughter's car not his, so why is this an issue, he might not like it.
You see, the rich are different from you and me. John and Cindy bought the Prius as a temporary disposable spare car in case one of their luxury sedans unexpectedly breaks down.
I would prefer that the McCain family owned American built cars, but what concerns me more is John McCain's inability to remember and articulate information.He can't remember what car he bought. He can't remember how many houses he owns. He can't remember the difference between Sunni and Shiite. What next? A lapse of memory over who Charles Keating is and what he did?This man is either a perpetual liar or an incompetent. I don't want either as my President.
What kind of person spends $20K and then can't even remember what they bought?Is it...A) A 72-year-old man who's showing early signs of dementia,B) Someone who has so much money that a $20K purchas is a non-issue, C) Someone who pays staff to make his decisions for him, D) Someone who has so many cars and houses that he couldn't possibly keep them straight,E) All of the above?
It doesn't matter to me if John McCain (or a member of his family) owns a fuel-efficient foreign car. What concerns me is that Sen. McCain seems unable to remember how many houses he has and how many cars he does (or does not) own. Is this the kind of man you want in charge of the nuclear codes?

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