Toyota Launching New Auris At Paris, Should It Replace the Matrix?

Toyota plans to unveil the new version of its Auris hatchback at the Paris Motor Show next month, but for now the car is only sold in Europe and Japan. However, should Toyota consider selling the revamped Auris in the U.S. as a replacement for the aging Matrix hatchback?

The Auris is based on the same chassis as the Euro-market Toyota Corolla, but hasn't been sold in the U.S. because it would overlap too much with the slightly larger Toyota Matrix hatchback. As the new Auris is growing slightly, and the American-market Matrix is several years old and currently has no planned successor, this could be a good opportunity for Toyota to port its compact hatchback over to our market.

The updated Toyota Auris looks much sportier than before, adopting the same wide split front grille and angled headlights seen on models like the 2012 Camry and 2013 Avalon. Some trim levels receive blacked-out B-pillars to give a floating roof appearance. Overall, the new Auris is 2.2 inches lower than before, and the ride height is lower, to improve aerodynamics and handling. At the same time, the Auris grows 1.2 inches in length to create more interior and cargo room. Interior materials are supposed to be of a higher quality, with soft-touch elements and an optional leather-trimmed dashboard.

European buyers will be able to choose between gasoline four-cylinder engines displacing 1.3 and 1.6 liters, and a 1.4-liter turbodiesel. There also will be another Auris Hybrid with Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive. It now offers more cargo space, as the battery pack has been moved below the floor of the hatch area. The company expects about a third of buyers to opt for each propulsion option -- diesel, gasoline, or hybrid.

Would the new Toyota Auris fit into the company's U.S. lineup? Given that the Matrix hatchback is quite dated and has old technology, it would make sense to replace it with the much more modern and fuel-efficient Auris. Moreover, at 168.3 inches, the new Auris is only 3.6 inches shorter than the 2012 Toyota Matrix. What do you think: should the new Auris come to America as a replacement for the Matrix?And if this car were sold here, would you buy it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Toyota

Bring it here now, I have been waiting for a replacement for my 05 Vibe for months.
David in San Diego
I would definitely consider this car . . . why are so many modern, forward-looking auto designs only available in Europe and not in the USA?! It would make a great replacement to the Matrix, and the current Toyota Corolla does not have a hatchback option. I also wish Honda would bring their Euro 5 door Civic Hatchback to America as well! That car is truly cool, both exterior and modern looking dashboard.
If it has all wheel drive and a manual transmission,I would be interested in this car.
I own a 2009 Vibe, which is a Matrix. It has the drivetrain from the Camry, a 2.4 liter with 5 speed automatic. It is a great car and gets 31 - 33 mpg on the hwy. I consider it overpowered and wish it had either a smaller engine or a six speed tranny to get better gas mileage. The Auris with a 1.3 liter would be the perfect replacement for my Vibe. I speculate that the Auris with a 1.3 liter would get at least 40 mpg highway.
Please bring the Auris to the USA. It is a great car. I am an American living in Europe and have rented them here and seen them all over the place. Would be an excellent replacement for the Matrix. And while they (Toyota) are at it, please bring in some diesel-powered Toyotas. Thanks.
Yes it should be sold in the US. The current Matrix is not a bad-looking vehicle, but it's interior is probably what turns people off (including myself). If sold here, it should simply be the Corolla hatchback. I would consider it depending how the sedan looks. I prefer the Focus/Mazda3 hatchbacks over their sedan versions. Toyota, don't give up on the Matrix replacement!
Bring it. Stuff the Camry 4cyl engine in it and I'd buy. Probably many others would buy it also.
Dean in ATL
I vote yes, but that's just me being selfish, because I'd totally be interested in buying one so long as it drives as well as it looks...

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