Toyota Camry Again Claims Midsize Sedan Throne in 2012

January 4, 2013
2013 Toyota Camry SE Left Front
With 404,886 units sold, the Toyota Camry is the best-selling midsize sedan of 2012. Given that the model always placed at the top of the sales charts throughout the year, this shouldn’t be surprising. Second place goes to the Honda Accord, which sold 331,872 units – still impressive despite lagging behind Camry by 73,014 units.
In third place at 302,934 units sold was the Nissan Altima, a new model of which was introduced mid-year. The Ford Fusion came in fourth place, with sales of 241,263 units. The Hyundai Sonata continues the brand’s market share-grab with sales of 230,605 units, up from the 225,961 Sonatas sold in 2011. That number is good enough for a repeat performance of the prior year, with the Sonata again landing in fifth place.
The Chevrolet Malibu has consistently been a mid-pack finisher in 2012, and that trend is echoed in the model’s final tally of 210,951 – good enough for sixth place. The Hyundai Sonata’s corporate cousin Kia Optima finished in seventh, with 152,399 units sold for the year. Chrysler 200 earns eighth place with sales of 125,476 models, while the mechanically similar Dodge Avenger lands in 10th position with 96,890 units sold. Though it finds itself in ninth place, the Volkswagen Passat earns the distinction of “most improved,” more than quintupling its sales total from 2011, with 117,023 units sold. Rounding out the group are the Subaru Legacy at 47,127 units and Mazda6 at 33,756 units, placing 11th and 12th, respectively. With a new Mazda6 on the way, though, the model may escape a last-place finish in 2013.
Check out the full breakdown in the chart below.
Model 2012 annual sales 2011 annual sales December 2012 sales
Toyota Camry 404,886 308,510 31,407
Honda Accord 331,872 235,625 29,428
Nissan Altima 302,934 268,981 23,966
Ford Fusion 241,263 248,067 19,283
Hyundai Sonata 230,605 225,961 20,826
Chevrolet Malibu 210,951 204,808 11,630
Kia Optima 152,399 84,590 12,008
Chrysler 200 125,476 87,033 9,080
Volkswagen Passat 117,023 22,779 14,462
Dodge Avenger 96,890 64,023 7,382
Subaru Legacy 47,127 42,401 4,217
Mazda6 33,756 35,711 1,384


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