Toyota A BAT Moving Toward Production; Diesel Tundra Canceled For Now

Automobile Staff
Toyota A Bat Concept

Toyota is moving ahead with development of a small pickup truck while stalling plans for a diesel-powered Tundra, reports.

The new truck will be based on the Toyota A-BAT concept and will mark the first major entry into the small pickup segment since the Ford Ranger’s last redesign in 1998. The A-BAT (Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck) premiered at the 2008 Detroit auto show with an expandable 4-foot cargo box and a hybrid powertrain. The production truck will likely be available in hybrid and 4-cylinder versions, the article said.

Meanwhile, Toyota is shelving plans for a light-duty diesel Tundra, as it has been far from immune to the decline in the full-size truck market. Toyota suspended Tundra and Sequoia production for three months starting in August, and will limit future truck manufacturing to its plant in San Antonio. But Toyota has not entirely given up on a diesel Tundra and is ready to continue development on it as soon as the market recovers, the article said.


All these heavy duty trucks looks somewhat similar only because everybody want that tough muscular looks. All these trucks inspired from the GMC Terrain, Acadia and Denali. When GMC itself is losing grip all these guys have to try something unique in the future years.
This is quite a bad news. I have been looking looking forward to more production of <a href="">Toyota Tundra 2010</a> ever since I have seen the video.
Speaking of morons. Really there's only 1 thing you can do to make a pickup aerodynamic and it just happens to look like *** which is make the transition from the cab to the bed less abrupt and also protect the tailgate if possible. Just like how all sports cars pushing the limits of aerodynamics approach the shape of tear drop because it's the optimal shape to pass air over. Wind tunnels don't lie. Nobody wanted to copy the avalanche or the honda they're both sinfully ugly but both end up being practical and so people put up with the terrible styling.
Is it me or not , I swear I saw my friends Chevy Avalanche *** this out last nite. I don't get it first honda copies Chevy now crapota , can't anyone design their own cars for once or what? And I don't want to hear another cry baby whinin' about what I said because it's true. Everybody in the auto world nowadays can't seem to think for them self , right or wrong. You can only tell if you really pay attention around you . Honda , Toyota , nissan and countless others seem to have run out of ideas . For *** SAKE LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOU'RE OWN CARS NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S STYLE MORONS!

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