Top Ten Speed Trap Cities in the US

Better Slow Down

The National Motorists Association, an organization founded for the rights and interests of motorists in North America, has identified the ten cities that use speed traps most often.

The NMA ranked the cities based on the number of reports on their Web site from the public. These are the cities that drivers say have the most speed traps:

1. Detroit, Michigan suburbs 2. Colorado Springs, Colorado 3. Houston, Texas 4. Orlando, Florida 5. Nashville, Tennessee 6. Ann Arbor, Michigan 7. Albuquerque, New Mexico 8. Washington, D.C. 9. Denver, Colorado 10. Virginia Beach, Virginia

As a current resident of Ann Arbor - who was raised in a suburb of Detroit - I can say that these results don't startle me. I've gotten used to driving in a manner in which I constantly inspect shady overpasses and scan the horizon for blobs in the median. I also pride myself on my ability to identify the shape of a pair of headlights on a Crown Victoria through the rearview mirror, at night, at great distances. It's a special skill car nuts with speed addictions acquire when growing up in Michigan.

The cops around here are Lazer trigger happy. My passport fuzzbuster worksovertime everytime I drive the metro fwy275 and 8 mile, 275 and 7 mile, 96 btwnHaggerty Rd. and Inkster Rd. Drivers beware!!!!Yes driving this stretch of road for the last 20 years alot has changed, my trusty old (big) Escort radar detector started out detecting X-Band then the cops switchedto K-Band so I got a new Talking Cora RadarDetector which would say "BE CAREFULL SLOW DOWN" my friends would laugh at how much this thing would talk. After a few yearsKa-Band came out and then the unstopableLazer Gun, Now I know where almost all the speed traps around here are (I was a currier driver for 11 years) Whats next for the future of speed control, they will probably have a system where they can turn your car ignition off using GPS and Satellite technology ,don't laugh with elecric cars of the future we will probably be limited to 70 mph unless we have an emergency then we will "get permission" to speed to the Hospital. haha

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