'Tis the Season

At this time of year, plenty of people are ardently hoping for white Christmas, just like the one in the old Bing Crosby movie. It they get their wish, it's going to make for some sketchy driving conditions. A set of dedicated winter tires is the best defense, much better than hoping all-season tires will be good enough. In fact, the people at Continental tires claim that you're 38 percent more likely to have a collision in winter driving on all-season tires than you are driving on winter tires.


[caption id="attachment_3119" align="alignnone" width="802" caption="Using winter tires rather than all-season tires significantly lowers your likelihood of having a collision during cold-weather months."][/caption]

Martin S. Trawicki
You are fooling yourself and placing yourself in a tree if you think that "All Season" tires have equal traction in snow than real winter snow tires. In Germany, it is a requirement that all cars have winter reifen by 4 December. Those cars that do not will be ticketed. FYI: When renting a car during December make sure that the agent has the car mit winter reifen. You are responsible for the ticket if it does not.

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