Thieves Boost BMW 7 Series at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

Auto shows are a great place to get up close and personal with the cars of tomorrow, but it seems a few individuals wanted an even closer experience with a 2011 BMW 7 Series brought in for the show. Yesterday in downtown Detroit, thieves apparently made off with a 7 Series that was awaiting transport from Cobo Hall back to the automaker’s U.S. headquarters.

As is often the case, BMW brings a handful of vehicles to the auto show to serve as executive shuttles during the press and industry preview days. After fulfilling their duties, cars are then shipped back to BMW’s North American offices in New Jersey. Yesterday, outside the Westin Book Cadillac hotel, a transport truck began loading these vehicles for the return trip home. The truck driver apparently returned to his rig’s cab for just a moment, but the diversion was apparently long enough for crooks to slide behind the wheel. According to Detroit’s WXYZ Channel 7, the vehicle’s keys were left within the Bimmer’s cabin, but the car itself wasn’t running.

BMW says the missing car is a 2011 750i xDrive sedan, painted in Dark Graphite metallic, and valued at roughly $94,000. Standard equipment on every 7 Series is the BMW Assist telematics service, which does incorporate a tracking function. Although the car has been missing for roughly 24 hours, a BMW spokesperson tells us the company is working closely with the Detroit Police Department to find the car, but couldn’t disclose further information.

Seeing as the large sedan is wearing New Jersey manufacturers’ plates front and rear, it shouldn’t be too hard to spot (unless, of course, a glut of similar vehicles are being used in the company’s regional press fleet). BMW appears to have the technological upper hand in the situation, but we hope the automaker is able to recover the 7 before anything nefarious (chop shop, anyone?) happens to it.

Source: BMW, WXYZ

David Maddon
First off William, They are note in the dire troubles because of Taxes and any of your other rants. I grew up in Oklahoma one of the most conservative in the nation. Our only industry was oil which meant we where all really rich or racing to the bankruptcy court. This went on most of my childhood life until we got a very conservative Governor, George Nigh. He spent his eight years building a very diversified economy and I believe it was business week voted Oklahoma City the best place thrive through the bad economic times. Also most of the founding father where not Christians but Deist and/or Free Masons. We still use the word press to honor heros like Ben Franklin who continued to publish the growing desire to get ride of the UK as our Lord Protectors. Doing all this knowing he would be shot on site for treason if the Royal Government found out.
Another example of a shiny progressive American city run by Liberal elites and all that entails. The car would have been safer in downtown Bahgdad. This city is an example of what the future holds if the libs have their way. Citizens taxed to death so the slimeballs can funnel the money to the recipient class and guarantee perpetual reelection. Flight by productive citizens and business because the place turns into a expensive sewer. The final result when everything productive and taxable has fled is anarchy and riots because the money runs out and the leeches can no longer be paid for doing nothing. If the founding fathers could be brought back to life they would take flamethrowers to these people and their institutions.
Garry Melnyk
Why would you use the outdated word "press" in the 21st Century? There are many types of media now. Using such terms as "press release," press conference," "the press," is so last Century. Who is the press? Come on, that's on old newspaper term. And you are using the word on a web site. Try news media, news conference, media event, media vehicles. Some of the larger corporations need to get with it too, like automakers who still send out "press releases." The word press seems more popular in the US and some other parts of the world than Canada. Well, at least we're moving forward. Otherwise keep up the good work on your web site and the magazine. You people are terrific. Garry

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