The French Fry Holder

Automobile Staff

What will they think of next.

People will be clamoring to their local auto supply stores to pick up this little gem. How many times have you found yourself fumbling around trying to find a place to put your  french fries box and end up spilling them all over your precious leather seat? Those days are gone. Now you can sacrifice one of your cup holders  with this handy dandy device. Right next to your ice cold beverage you can have your golden hot french fries. Now if they can only find a place for the ketchup.

Heh. I love the "& Things" part. Fries "and things." What the hell kind of "things" are going to be swimming around with your greasy-ass potatoes? Glorious.
That thing had been gathering dust on my desk for many months ... I'm glad someone appreciates Fries & Things. By the way, Darin, how's your cholesterol level these days?

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