Tell Us: What Should Chevrolet Do For The Next-Gen Camaro?

In music, the sophomore album is crucial. Nail it, and you're successful for a while; miss, and you'll fade into obscurity. The reincarnated Chevrolet Camaro is due for its follow-up, and there's one big question on everyone's mind: will the new Camaro be like Adele and win twice, or will it go the way of Lou Bega?

Camaro fans will be keen to add that the next generation of Camaro won't be the second--it'll actually be the sixth--but it will be the second version of Camaro after the car faded into obscurity in 2002 and came back to life in 2010.

That reincarnation has paid dividends for Chevrolet: the Camaro sits high atop the heap of American muscle cars, outselling its chief competitor, the Ford Mustang, by about 18,000 units last year. It sold more than twice as many units as the Dodge Challenger.

So how do you make a Camaro better? There's no shortage of ways.

Al Oppenheiser, the chief engineer for the Camaro line, said that reducing weight is definitely a factor. The Camaro SS coupe is more than 200 pounds heavier than the comparable Ford Mustang GT. Pit the Camaro LT against a comparable Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and the American is a whole 300 pounds heavier. We expect some mass to be shed as the next-gen Camaro will almost certainly utilize General Motors’ new Alpha platform, which also underpins the new 2013 Cadillac ATS.

Also a question mark: engines. Oppenheiser told AN that Chevrolet must also consider displacement and cylinder count in its next car. Seeing as the Ford Mustang will reportedly get a turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the future, it might not be a bad idea for the Camaro to follow suit with a hot version of the Malibu's new 2.0-liter Ecotec turbo four.

Perhaps the biggest issue, however, is styling. Despite creating a couple of issues (like a lack of outward visibility), the Camaro's styling has been acclaimed and is one of the reasons it sells so many units. Chevrolet could follow the original Camaro's design trajectory and go from a modern interpretation of the first generation to an updated version of the second one. That, or attempt to update its current styling theme.

Either way, it wouldn't be unfair to say that General Motors is walking on eggshells in looking to the next Camaro, which will reportedly drop late in 2015. But what say you: as nothing is confirmed, what would you put on the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro? 1970's styling, a turbocharged I-4, an ultra-lithe body? Let us know in the comments below.

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john murphy
the original Camaro was something none of today's pony cars even attempt to be and that is it was elegant. The styling was lean and taut with what today would be a massive greenhouse. And Camaros were not only marketed to muscle heads but to business men, college professors and dare I say it women. Today's steroid infected abominations are nothing but inflated Hot Wheels, I can think of no car better to lead the way back to beauty and sanity than the Camaro. Hey GM get out those old sketches of Bill Mitchell's or just take the stylist down to the lobby. Remember you once led the world in styling.
Ed Daniels
The next Camaro has to loose weight. Must have a turbo Six 380 to 400 hp. Must have a Six with mild hybrid similar to Four cylinder but a little stronger on the electric motor, say 25 to 30 hp. This would total at least 350 hp. Even a 2.5 four cylinder turbo with say 300 hp wouldn't hurt. The new 5.5 V8 would be the SS choice. How about the RS being a turbo V6,plus mild hybrid. Also there must be better site lines from inside. The dash needs to be more sophisticated, It is too 17 year old. I like the over all look just a tad lighter,smoother, and smaller. Ed Daniels
Surely make it lighter. Retain high performance versons like the ZL1/Z28 sporting a V8. Body style is great and just make improvements. Offer delete options like, no rear seats, no radio, lightweight Recaro type seats, etc. Interior ergos like the cadillac. Keep it low and wide. Keep the short glass and steeply raked windshield as it adds to its sporty looks and that's what sells the car.
Marked Man
Make it lighter and put the turbo 45 in it so on the highway it is getting around 32 MPG. Then you keep some of the styling but still make it aggressive.
ZL-1 is stupid, and will devalue sales of Vetts and CTS-V the upgrades were developed for not to mention the GT500 is 10% lighter and 25% more fuel efficient while Matching it and everything this side of a Viper at the same price point. Before all these rocket ships the original ponys rocked 6 cylinders and were built to cruise the boulevard not the Nurburgring. Best approach would be to dump it entirely and bring back the Fiero (corvair?) since 270ft lbs is plenty from a 2.0, 30MPG+ mill. Instead of another bloated grand tourer or 2+2 with a marginal backseat/trunk put the stillborn Kappa platform bits back into the game with a hatched ode to the Opel GT; regardless leave the pushrod Iron beasts in tow trucks and build real cars for normal streets and buyers.
Colorado Gary
On my previous comments I meant the Camaro ZL-1....NOT the Corvette ZR-1. Just to clarify....and I"m sure most who will read the first post wil get what I meant. This is just in case anyone thought I might be making comparisons to the Corvette. I'm more of a car guy to be doing that. Mustang vs. Camaro vs. the Challenger. That's the Pony Car wars going on today.
Colorado Gary
It was great to see the Camaro make a comeback. It keeps the other Pony cars on their toes. First, for sure, the Camaro must lose weight. Lot's can be said for a car's good looks, but, where it's most important is how the driver's compartment is configured and how comfortable you are driving the car, whether it's a hgh performance car or not. It's about how you "feel" in the driver's seat. How ergonomcally correct it is....for most drivers. Right now, sitting in the Camaro is crazy. You sit too low, having to look almost up before you can look out. Hey, I'm 6'1" and the view from the cockpit is lousy. Also, the dash...or more importantly the driver's gauges look stupid. Those rectangular gauges do not look "right." A more proper round type gauges would look much better. Make the new Camaro a "drivers car" not just what may look cool. You can achieve both with a little thought. Right now the 2013 Mustangs look and "feel" better when driving. No car is perfect. We can pick apart any car, even if it's the best out there. But, come on got off to a fair start, but, the Camaro is not what it can be, and it can be better without a lot of "head scratching." LIsten to the owners....take a step back and fix what is obvious to most admirers of the Camaro....fix it's shortcomings and then you will be pushing hard on the Mustangs tailpipes! The ZR-1 does not "fix" the issues. Anyone can put a monster engine in an OK body/interior design. And, besides, the 2013 Shelby GT-500 is the better car vs. the ZR-1.
First and foremost is enlarge the trunk opening! Using the 2013 Malibu tail light design would be a sporty facelift. On the interior, as others have said, keep the gauges as is but spruce up the passenger side of the dash. It's too plain. Add an embroidered bowtie or something, to help signify the SS models at least. Stretch the interior just a bit to add a mere 2" of legroom to the back seats. Hopefully a child over the age of five could sit back there.
I think you should go back the drawing board and style the camaro like the 1967 year hideaway head lights maybe have the SS/RS option just not so radical looking no square lines like Ford did for the Mustang. P.S. try to keep the same looking dash board hope this helps Joe F.
Make the car lighter and drop the drop top look for a modern look. As long as Mustang is lighter Ford will be less expensive to fine tune handling like the Lotus way of thinking.
Put it on a diet and give the cruze back its steering wheel...
It outsells that Dog ugly Mustang.
Enlarge the rear passenger window,, it just makes the humongous door look even bigger.. Work on the interior. Even the original Camaro had a better look. For a car that is 35g's, there is no reason why the interior looks as if it belongs in the Chevy Spark complete with Cheap plastic crap. GM of late has been making world class interiors, the Camaro is a world renowned name. It DESERVES better!
Less cheap plastics would be nice..... But then again, it is a GM Product.
The only thing I would change is raise the roof two inches, so that you have two more inches of glass to see out of.
Wait 'til the 2015 Mustang comes out ....Bring it to the GM Styling Center (Like they did with the 2005) Copy it but make it heavier, more cartoonish, and flatten it so its hard to see out of. Add more hard plastic to the interior...maybe even the seats (for easy cleaning). Put it in a movie for teenagers about robots and put incentives on it so it sells like hotcakes but has a crappy resale value. Then try to catch up with the Mustang on every level of performance only to be outdone again. Visions of 2015 Rankings: 1st) 2015 Mustang 2nd) 2015 SRT Barracuda .....Distant 3rd) 2015ish Camaro...if they get it out on time.

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