Tell Us: Should Volkswagen Bring A Passat Alltrack To The U.S?

When the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack debuted, VW was quite clear the vehicle would never make its way into the United States. That explains our surprise when the Alltrack Concept made its way to the New York auto show floor, even with the automaker insisting it has "no plans to bring this vehicle to market."

The VW Alltrack Concept at the New York show packs the automaker's familiar 140-hp 2.0-liter turbodiesel I-4 with 236 lb-ft of torque under the hood, mated to its six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Power is put down to all four wheels through VW's 4Motion all-wheel-drive system.

Unlike the 2013 Subaru Outback, the Alltrack Concept has a dedicated off-road mode that functions under 18 mph when activated. The system modifies the throttle mapping to give more pedal feel, the transmission shift points to allow it to hold gear, and the anti-lock braking system to allow the tires to lock up on loose surfaces like gravel or snow, allowing more effective stopping. The Alltrack's off-road mode also includes Hill Descent Assist.

All this extra off-road stuff is great, but we have to ask, "Why?" VW even noted at the end of its press release: "Currently there are no plans to bring this vehicle to market in the U.S., but the concept is set to gauge market reaction to a potential future model that is similarly sized and combines off-road ability with wagon versatility."

Our source at Volkswagen tells us the Alltrack Concept is testing the waters for a VW crossover that would slot size-wise between the current Jetta Sportwagen and U.S.-spec Passat sedan, likely on the new MQB architecture. The powertrain for this soft roader would probably be the same 2.0-liter TDI mill as seen in the Alltrack Concept. "If you look at the current [Jetta] Sportwagen the TDI rate is at about 80-85 percent," said our source, "So I think the potential is there to be all TDI." While there's no timeframe on a midsize VW crossover competitors will include the Subaru Outback and Volvo XC70.

What do you think: Should Volkswagen consider bringing an all-wheel-drive model like the Subaru Outback to the U.S.?

Source: Volkswagen


From the sound of it, the Jetta alltrack (or whatever it will be called), should be close in size to the Euro passat alltrack.  This would be both bigger than the outgoing sportwagen and about the same size as the last generation of Subaru Outbacks that fit into parking spaces a little more easily without the risk of door dings.
I say VW might as well bring that Sportwagen R concept they showed at another show.  I'd be in for an Outback clone, but know a few people who would go for a straight wagon with AWD (and turbos and other fun stuff).
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes VW should do that!
TDI Alltrack?YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YESI will be getting one for me and one for my wife!
Tommy Khachadoorian
It's HIGH time that us American get all the "perks" these other international markets have been enjoying for years with these diesels. I'd much rather drive a diesel around than a "hybrid" any day of the week. I think most Americans associate diesels with being dirty smelly and loud but the days of those "coffee percolating" Mercedes diesels are over...!!! These "clean diesels" are fantastic and there torque power is off the chart even if there HP is low they MORE than make up for it with there high torque ratios. Hybrids are ridiculously sluggish and i've never been a fan of them from the get go. But clean diesel technology has proven itself to be THE fuel saving means of the auto industry moving forward in years to come. Even our own American car manufacturers are starting to wake-up and realize what clean diesel can do for there brands and not only for sales revenue but for advancement purposes technologically speaking. However, for it to be successful stateside we need to implement more gas stations with diesel pumps so people aren't having to travel far and wide just to fill-up. Once that is accomplished successfully we will CERTAINLY see more car manufacturers offering diesels as fuel-efficient options for the American market. I fully believe this is THE ONLY reason why were not seeing more diesels on the road today due to a lack in available pumps to fill-up these vehicles. But to me that could be very quickly remedied so lets get the show on the road folks.....!!!
Tommy Khachadoorian
Oh....And more one thing once it is brought over stateside. Give it the 170hp Diesel with an automatic and people will be happy campers for sure....!!!
Tommy Khachadoorian
I happen to LOVE this vehicle. And the reviewer should have used a better "comparison" of this vehicle to the Volvo XC70. As it is a high-riding wagon that i happen to find very attractive. In times where these crossovers and suv's have dominated the american car market. I'd welcome this VW AWD wagon any day. So if the rep at VW are reading this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this over stateside as i know once people started purchasing them it would increase sales exponentially....!!!
Ralf A.
Yes absolutely. It was a shame VW continued the Passat Wagon in the US! There is a need for vehicles like that. The only option one has in this category are the Subaru Outback and some [overpriced] Audi and BMW models. A larger wagon is not a crossover or SUV. A TDI would hit the spot just right.
Vincent King
There are plenty of small crossover SUVs. Tiguan, Equinox, Rogue just to name a few. They've been available for years. I have not bought one. Subaru is pretty much king of the hill in the class of vehicles I am looking at. Volvo has some offerings, but not much competition. I would strongly welcome the VW Passat Alltrack, especially if it is diesel. MPG in the high 30's or even 40's will be the deciding factor.
Bill Taekema
yes, bring it to Canada. But we want the optional high output 2Litre tdi, 170 hp and mega torque!
Karl Schultheiss
Yes - VW should most definitely bring the Passat Altrac to the US. I also agree that VW should offer it as a TDI model. I believe it would be a great alternative to Subaru's Outback models. Personally - I don't think that it would create an in-house competition to the Audi Allroad, especially if it is priced to compete with the Subaru Outback.
Make it a TDI Passat AllTrack
VW is stupid if they do not bring this to the USA. I would buy one now or tomorrow to replace my car 97 VW Passat TDI and would consider replacing my Honda Pilot with one two. So one sale possibly two sales.
Yes, please!!! Our aging Toyota Sienna needs a replacement that is reliable, efficient, sporty, and a little less soccer-mom-ish. The Alltrack is exactly what we need. We are a small family of 4 with 2 active boys who like mountain biking, skiing, and golf. With the capabilities of a sportwagon and the efficiency of a TDI, this would be a guaranteed American family winner!! Please don't make us beg for it!
Yes, bring it to the US market! Build it with the I4 TDI and mate it with the 8 spd automatic that Audi puts in the Q5 and A4 All Road! This vehicle would be an absolute hit in the US....larger than the Audi A4 All-Road and less money.....who could fault VW for that. Build the US version off the European version in Europe.....that is what they have shipping companies for! The Passat All Track would certainly compete well in the hot crossover market and its size would appeal to a broader base than Subaru and Volvo models. This market segment has been sorely lacking for an all-roak/all-track model with size since Audi made the decision to pull the A6 based All-Road from the US market. Size, plus diesel efficiency and torque with the Quattro based VW would get my attention and likely the bucks to go along with it when I replace my Touareg! Bring it on!
The 2013 VW Passat Alltrack would be an ideal vehicle for the U.S. and Canadian markets. A fuel-efficient turbodiesel all-wheel drive sports wagon is a great fit for many families, and especially for people who have an active lifestyle, and are engaged in outdoor activities. For those of us who live in snow country or frequent the mountains, the all-wheel drive would be especially appealing. I live in Colorado and this vehicle would be an instant best seller in the U.S. and Canada!. Although the Audi Allroad models are superb, their higher price tag places them out of reach for most families. A less expensive but well equipped turbo diesel VW would occupy a unique niche in a market that is dominated by the Subaru Outback and Volvo XC 70, both of which are excellent vehicles, but neither of which offers a turbodiesel engine. The VW Passat Alltrack would bring VW/Audi build quality, features, reliability, and high fuel economy to a core market segment. VW should definitely bring this vehicle to the North American market.
Yes, the Audi Allroad is out of my price range but based on Euro prices I would probably get an alltrack if available in Diesel.
I have been waiting since 2005 to own a vw passat tdi alltrack. My husband and I are shopping now and find nothing everything too big or too small. He wants a diesel and my car is on its last miles and don't want to substitue for something else and then vw brings the passat wagon back. The comfort that vw puts into there cars is amazing. I liked the jetta wagon but not a alltrack and I live in snow country and would not be able to make it home with a front wheel drive. SO please please bring it to the US and let us all know where to order one.
I am a long time Toyota 4runner owner and love the idea sport wagon with some off road capabilities. With so many crossovers now on the market now the wagon or touring models should win the SUV owners not interested in a "car/minivan" that crossovers truly are. The off road features discussed in addition to the TDI fuel efficiency's make the Alltrack an extremely attractive and feature packed vehicle for the American market. Fingers are crossed!
Yes!!! I am shopping for a crossover or wagon. I love diesels. If this were available today I would buy it!
I own a Jetta TDI and like it for the economy. I also own a Volvo XC70 Cross Country...but will need a new one soon. I am sold on the TDI and would like the VW Passat Alltrack. Alltrack will fit the sports minded folks here in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Steve B
I didn't read all of the comments, but don't get why anyone else doesn't see the obvious: The current sportwagen will be discontinued soon and a new one based on the US spec Jetta will take it's place. It is already in the size range between the current sportwagen and the new passat. It (the Jetta) is already made in the US as well. The next Tiguan will also not doubt be a little longer, so a larger passat-sized wagon will be out of the question. The current sportwagen is a great car, but many I ask about it want something just a little taller on the road, with just a bit more room. I guess that question after that is if it will have AWD or not when it arrives.
dream come true. I would buy it tomorrow, but I want a passat alltrack, not smaller, with tdi
I've got a2004 Passat TDI Wagon ( Which replaced a 2001.5 1.8T 5sp Wagon) and I've been waiting , and waiting and waiting to find a comparable replacement from VW. They tried to sell me a new TDI sedan....Great car..But I NEED a wagon with decent efficiency (TDI) The Sportwagen is too small. The dealers in Atlanta are losing confidence that VW will pull through for them. I'd love to have an Alltrack TDI and would import one personally if I could. If another manufacturer drops a diesel into a nicely sized wagon/suv before VW does, they will get my money regardless of my VW loyalty. Bring it...NOW!
Sold...when do I pick it up?
My 2009 Passat Wagon lease just expired. Stepping down in size and quality to a Jetta just to maintain a wagon is not an option. Moving into a Tiguan to get 4 motion leaves no room in tailgate. Moving up to a Touareg to get 4 motion and the tailgate space is a waste of money at acquisition, disposition, and at the pump. Audi doesn't offer a real alternative either. An audi is either going to be small or really expensive. Thus, buying out the lease was the only thing to do in the absence of a new Passat Wagon, AllTrack or otherwise. Bring it to the USA. I'll buy one or maybe two. The Audi AllRoad is looking good, too!
Robert C
I'm still hoping for a Passat Wagon...but would gladly accept an AllTrack TDI if it starts below $30k. However, if I was to receive a promotion in the near future, I'd buy my wife the Merc E350 Blutec.
Charlie Smith
We are awaiting delivery of a 2012 Passat TDI SEL and actually called the dealer today to make sure that the VW AllTrack would not be in the 2013 lineup. We are trading our V10 Touareg and will really miss the AWD capability. So if and when the AllTrack it becomes available we will certainly purchase one.
Bring it! I own a Subaru Outback 3.6R Limted but the interior does not feel that special. Volvo XC70 is expensive and the upcoming Audi A4 Allroad is too small &, again, will be $$$. A Passat Alltrack would hit the sweetspot on price, size & quality.
Please please please! I have a 2007 Passat Wagon now and love. I would trade it in in a heartbeat for the Diesel engine and all wheel drive! The Jetta Sportwagon is cool, but too small for a family of four. The extra room in the Passat is perfect.
Mike D
The idea of a jetta sport wagon in the new body style with the TDI seems like a better answer, in New England in particular it sounds like a great idea. VW may want to think about giving customers the ability to option up to leather from their leatherette
I'd definitely take a serious look but a new wagon "size-wise between the current Jetta Sportwagen and U.S.-spec Passat sedan" makes little sense unless they're planning to ditch the terrific - but a little small for my current needs - Sportwagon. VW needs a Passat based wagon, not an in-betweener.
A European Passat alltrack, bring it, at a good price! An alltrack wagon on the American Passat no, to big and $. Best bet an Alltrack based on the next generation Jetta. But if WW could get the Passat Alltrack here starting around 28K with a TDI go for it.
I had to trade my Golf TDI last year or a Subaru Outback due to growing family and VW refusal to sell the Passat Wagen. I would get one of these if it comes, doesn't have to be AWD either.
I am a current owner of a VW Sportwagen TDI, and I would trade it in a heart beat for this. I used to own an XC70, but went to the TDI for the fuel economy... THIS WOULD BE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!! BRING IT BRING IT
Yes, they should bring it here. They would occupy that space in the market all by themselves. Frankly, as an owner of multiple German cars over the years I have a fair amount of resentment the Euro manufacturers continue to send us de-contented, crappy versions of otherwise nice machines they sell in Europe...I have a Japanese SUV at the moment precisely because we don't get the fine X5 40d version the rest of the world has access to. Wake up!
Absolutely, bring it over! I'm dying for a good AWD wagon with a diesel engine and some ground clearance. A manual transmission would be nice but the above-listed criteria are more important. Something a little more sporty and less topsy-turvy than a crossover. I was hoping for an Audi Allroad diesel (still am) but if VW brought this wagon over then I would certainly get one and have more money in my budget for a proper sports car :)

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