Tell Us: $35,000 Budget - Name the Best Track Toy for the Price

Lack of funds often prevent us from living out our automotive dreams, which sometimes include buying a fancy new car to rip around a track. If you had $35,000, what sports car that doubles as a track toy would you buy?

The rules are simple: Pick any car that, after modifications, falls under our $35,000 limit.


One obvious contender would have to be the 2013 Subaru BRZ – just a few weeks ago we asked you to help pick new track wheels for our Four Seasons BRZ. Other new-car possibilities could include a Mazda Miata or a Mustang GT with the Track Pack while a used Porsche Boxster, Corvette, or Dodge Viper with enough miles to keep the price down are all attainable. Don’t forget: the cheaper the car, the more money you have for modifications to optimize it for whatever racing you prefer, from rally racing and drag racing to drifting and autocrossing.

So tell us in the comments below: Which track car would you choose with a $35,000 budget?

C5 corvette is the only answer, honestly. You can go faster, handle better, with more reliability, and less cost than any other car. You need an accusump, radiator, and diff cooler if you really want to hit it, and bigger brakes too.... but frankly almost every other car out there needs the same things. C4 vette would be even better, but would require a lot more modification and maintenance skills. if you only have one car, and no truck or trailer, probably a mustang or camaro.
Find a good used Porsche Cayman S - nothing beats it!
New car: Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Used car: BMW M3 Coupe
Pocket Rocket
2008 C63 AMG all day long. Stock still faster nicer and more reliable than Japanese and Domestic junk.
For $10k an RX8 no question about it. Loads of aftermarket support and track proven. Did I mention it's a 4 door with room for 4 adults and a usable trunk.
Pat Daly
For road racing smart money would be on an SCCA SM or SSM class Mazda Miata or more current MX-5 for racing on a budget. The cars are balanced, fun to drive with lots of safety and performance competition parts available at reasonable prices. Hundreds of them are raced in various categories every weekend at tracks all over the country. Older high performance cars like Porsche Boxter, Viper or Corvette might be purchased for 35 grand but you'll spend multiples of that race prepping and maintaining them... Not to mention what even a minor shunt would cost to repair.
Kris Konos
A 1999 Camaro ss with ls1 !! With only 65,000 miles or so , it can be picked up at $12995 .00 . If found at the right location !! :) that leaves plenty of room for improvement . Comp heads and cam are about $2500.00 before installation , that brings the car from 330 HP at wheels to a little more then 500 HP . Hooker headers and a Slp loudmouth full exhaust system ,fast lsx intake and 90mm throttle body , msd wires and Bosch plugs , ebc red stuff pads and rotors , eibach full setup , corvette rims , Jake logo on rear bumper . For myself I'm all about motor only . ( No replacement for displacement !! ) Well all these Mods and you'll still come out with a lot of money left to get that procharger you think of .
Jeff Harbert
C5 Z06.
The Nissan 370Z
Air-cooled Porsche 911. An SC would be fine; a Carrera with the G50 transmission, 964 or 993 would be better. These cars have motors that are dry-sump and very durable under track conditions. Factory brakes are more than up to the task where that can't be said of a lot of other cars. G50 transmission is very solid. Build quality is better than most anything built today. The rear-biased weight distribution gives them exceptional braking and traction coming out of corners. Yes, they require a much more skilled driver, but in the hands of the right driver, they are the perfect track weapon. Plus...if you can learn to drive these things fast, then you can drive most any other road/track car with ease. There is a reason the Porsche club is one of the strongest in the country and there are so many of these things used as street/track cars.
With $35.000 I would buy an Abarth 500 and buy the Magneti Marelli Tuning Kit, which gives you a total of 200 HP in a 1 tonne car.
steve h
2012 honda accord coupe 4cl lx-s manual. Then add a turbocharger and stickier tires.

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