Tata Again Expresses Interest in Selling Nano in the U.S.

Tata Motors head Ratan Tata has expressed interest in offering the company's inexpensive Nano model in the U.S. Tata also said the company was planning on offering the car in Europe as early as next year.

The Tata Nano is currently sold in India and is recognized as the world's most inexpensive car. In India, the Nano starts around $2500, that price would likely jump closer to $4000 with import tax and other fees associated with importing a car into the U.S. "We also recognize there is a market (for the Nano) not only in developing countries, but possibly in the developed countries," Ratan Tata told reporters at the New Delhi auto show.

Tata first revealed his plan to bring the Nano to these shores last summer, Tata realizes the U.S. needs "a car which has a larger engine and we need additional crash test modifications and we are in the process of doing it."

Tata is even looking into building a hybrid version of its Nano, something that would no doubt spark further interest in American consumers. The company is also reportedly working on a Nano-based pickup truck that could be an interesting addition to its lineup.

Source: Reuters

$4000-$5000 for a Smart class micro car (which is what the US version would be) is pretty good. I think an electric or hybrid version would be the most promising, because with the green rebate, the price could really come down.
It seems like by the time they get it up to US standards (crash, engine, trim) it will cost as much as the base economy models we already have (like the Accent, the various re-badged Daewoos). I don't see a market for an unestablished brand here with a bargain basement car (a la Yugo).

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