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Introducing Myself and My Blog

Born: September 11, 1955

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska, which in those days poured sewage from the huge stockyards directly into the Missouri River

Resides: With wife, Susan, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where most of the inhabitants have gone to school throughout their entire lives and derive enormous enjoyment from lecturing one another

Pathology: My father raced stock cars on the local tracks, my uncle collected old Fords, my earliest vocalizations mimicked engine sounds, and as a lad I could always identify cars at night by their taillights

Top speed achieved: 165 mph in Porsche 911 Carrera while participating in the 2002 Targa Newfoundland

Current research: GM in the halcyon period between 1955 and 1967, when there developed a Shakespearean struggle for the kingdom between vice presidents Ed Cole and Bunkie Knudsen

My special vehicle: 2002 Suzuki SV650

Dream car: 1938 Cadillac Series 60 Special

Call someone else in the middle of the night with questions about: Hybrid cars;

Guys I want on my team: Roger Penske, Dan Wheldon, Jay Leno, GM design boss Ed Welburn, Steve Martin, and my selection in the sixth round, Harrison Ford

What I say to the barber: “No comb-over, please”

One of my stories in the magazine that I'd like you to read or reread: “A Little Gumbo Mumbo Jumbo,” October, 1995, page 122


Hi Ronald,It's Lisa Herr from Wisconsin. We met in 2000 when you caravaned with the Central group to Roswell, NM for R2K. It's our 8th year and we have a special trip planned. Please email me at bug_crazy@hotmail.comThanks,Lisa

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