Stillborn Saturn Vue 2-Mode Hybrid Rated at 28 MPG

Joshua Duval
#GM, #Vue

Despite the fact that General Motors has killed the Saturn Vue 2-Mode Hybrid, the Environmental Protection Agency still released its fuel economy numbers: 27 miles per gallon in the city, 30 mpg on the highway, and 28 mpg combined. GM had previously estimated that the system would get 30 mpg or more on the highway.

Those numbers don't seem that impressive compared to the mild hybrid version of the Vue, which also had a combined rating of 28 mpg (25 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway). The 2-mode hybrid, however, employs a six-cylinder engine, while the mild hybrid uses a four-cylinder. Compared with the non-hybrid version of the six-cylinder Vue, GM doubled the combined fuel economy.

Since it decided to offload the Saturn brand, GM has struggled to develop a vehicle that can use the 2-mode hybrid. The most recent debacle centered on a rebadged Vue for the Buick brand, dubbed affectionately by observers as the "Vuick." That vehicle was essentially a Vue with a Buick grille, and was scheduled to get the four-cylinder engine from the Vue lineup at launch, followed by the 2-mode hybrid system the following year. GM killed the project within days of its public announcement following what it called "consistent" negative feedback.

GM says the 2-Mode hybrid system will still make its way into a GM vehicle - we're guessing it'll debut in the Chevrolet Equinox or GMC Terrain, which are long-wheelbase platform-mates of the Vue.

GM is definitely on to something with the two mode hybrid. The Vue v6 goes from 21 mpg to 28 mpg. By comparison the Highlander V6 goes from 21 mpg to only 26 mpg. What will we get from the second generation 2 mode? Perhaps we would see wise applications in the Equinox and Traverse. Unfortunately GM doesn't get the hybrid press that the Prius gets and it's too bad! An uninformed individual will only see the gee whiz numbers and ignores real world applications of true fuel economy gains above the average vehicle driven in the US. The 2 mode is just as revolutionary for fuel economy gains in large vehicles as the Toyota and Honda systems are for commuter cars.The Vuick is bad marketing for an excellent SUV. Whatever the logistics are to build this vehicle it just might be one of the best SUV's that nobody knows about.
What a joke. The DI 2.4l Ecotec in the Equinox is rated at 32 mpg hwy, and you don't have to replace the batteries every 4-5 years. Give up hybrids GM and do what other manufactures are doing and buy the technology from Toyota (it actually works!).
Ew, the Vuick. Nice that GM dropped that one good and early. John Tantillo did a post on his marketing job, congratulating GM for actually paying attention to what its customers thought - [url=][/url]
Make it a Chevy. I see Vues all over the place.

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